LA Laura Paris releases her new single "Kissing Boys", along with a video that celebrates LGBTQ+ communities

She is often referred to as "the French Madonna" for her charisma, artistic creativity, and collaborations with the French Touch. LA Laura Paris is a Pop-Electro artist who does it all - she is a singer, songwriter, composer, musician, DJ, producer, choreographer, director, fashion model, and street artist.

LA Laura Paris has directed  "I'm leaving right away", her previous single, and she won an award at the Fashion Film Festival in San Diego, California for her work.

The music video for Kissing Boys was filmed in Los Angeles, Paris, and Burning Man between 2021 and 2022, so it was only natural that she directed and produced the video.

In order to reflect the lyrics and the feeling of the song, LA Laura Paris included people of all genders, colors, and ages in the video. Her choreography was performed using ASL (American Sign Language) in order for the song and its message to be understood by all.

I love kissing, it makes me feel alive. It's such a magical feeling to discover someone new for the first time. The first Kiss is so important, it can reveal everything about someone, if the person is shy, passionate, tender, wild.. I was inspired to compose Kissing Boys while partying  in the Electro pop scene of Ibiza and Paris. I wanted to translate the sensation of kissing someone in this environment.

LA Laura Paris collaborated on this song with producers Jordan Kouby and Fred Vectol (mix and master), at studio Question de Son in Paris, France (Martin Solveig, Kanye West, Anthony Joseph, Hindi Zahra, Charles Aznavour, Zaz, The Do, Club Cheval, Louane, Julien Dore, etc...).

“I’ve learned a lot while mixing with Jordan, he gave me a lot of tips and advice about production.”

Reaching almost 15K Instagram followers, LA Laura Paris is also a DJ at the legendary French radio station FG Radio since 2020, a fashion model, an influencer, a street artist, as well as the creator of her own brand called "LA".

LA Laura Paris has a way of uniting and connecting people with her music and hard work, through her sweet personality. She is determined, and we heard that she is on the verge of great things...

Her new single "Kissing Boys" is out now, and it features a LGBTQ+-supporting video :

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