KING OF BASS delivers High-EDM Dubstep Songs of Upcoming Album

Rising producer King Of Bass AKA Howard Jones has come through with an insanely heavy and inventive new single with titled "Afraid Of This Generation". His Music is a testament to the hard-hitting bass sound the Tennessee producer Howard Jones has been cultivating since 2004 and we can’t get enough of it. With so much dubstep around these days, King Of Bass stands out effortlessly and delivers all of the ingredients needed for a dubstep banger: massive bass, off-the-wall sound design, and smashing drums. Though he shared the release date of his official album with us. Afraid Of This Generation (13th of October), Faith  (23rd of October), Bass UniGalaxy (11th Of November), Bassmas (3rd of November).

Well, he born in 1985 diagnosed with organic brain syndrome where he had scar tissue in brain. He explained, "I was pronounce dead at birth but life had other plans and later diagnosed with autism at age 4 then at age 11, I started writing songs by hearing the music playing in my head then; I made my first CD album in 2004 and it took me five years almost to do so."
"I learned that music can turn autism into a gift from limited ability to where i'm now high functioning and can do what everyone else can do in life... in 2021 I made it in the charts again in the independent scene as well as in Spotify and many others without a record label, I enjoy being independent as a musical artist (artist who makes instrumental tracks only) also had 1,000,000 Shazam Plays total for my song dubstep boom as well ..."

In the meantime stream the lead single below and be sure to follow King Of Bass on social media if you’re not already. And stay touch with Lifoti Magazine for updates of his upcoming projects. 

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