DaBoii & Cash Kidd Deliver Haunting New Banger "Punishment"

 DaBoii and Cash Kidd team up on "Punishment."  

The SOB x RBE crew has disbanded but they continue to deliver some of the most exciting music out of the West Coast as solo artists. DaBoii, specifically, has been dumping out some solid projects within the past year. Still, there's a heavy stream of loose records that have been emerging out of his vault including this week's "Punishment." The rapper connects with Cash Kidd for his new record where they lace up the haunting production with cleverly put-together bars with a vicious punch. "Ain't gon' lie, you gon' catch 'em bullets, too, I catch you runnin' with 'em/ I just put my opp in a scope, I got a tunnel vision," DaBoii raps on the record. Cash Kidd's conversational flow adds a calming effect to the intensity of DaBoii, bouncing between hilarious sexually-charged bars and menacing threats.

Check out the latest record below.   

Quotable Lyrics  

Spinned the block, if n***as ain't get hit,  
then duck again  
I can't flirt, it's either "can I get some  
head?" or "fuck you then"  
N***as talkin' juugs to get ahead, won't  
plug you in  
Shots fired, n***as dive onto the ground  
like they fumblin' 


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