BlocBoy JB Tackles A Dr. Dre Classic On "Forgot Bout Bloc"

 BlocBoy JB is back with a new freestyle.  

There was a point where it felt like BlocBoy JB was dropping a new track every single week. He's slowed down on the releases since those times but he could be picking up the pace in the future. This week, the rapper returned with a freestyle over an absolute classic with "Forgot Bout Bloc." On his latest track, the rapper tackles Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre" with braggadocious bars and high energy.

There's a high standard to uphold anytime a rapper tackles BlocBoy JB but he still managed to put his own twist on the timeless record. BlocBoy's latest freestyle marks his first in four months since dropping his take on Cardi B's "Up."  

Check out the latest from BlocBoy JB below and let us know how he did in the comment section.  

Quotable Lyrics  

They forgot about Bloc Bloc  
runnin' 'round with 200 sum' shots  
Slidin' on the opps, been crippin' blocks

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