Chynna's Posthumous Single "Seasonal Depression Pt. 2" Is Here

Chynna's family announces her first posthumous album "Drug Opera," sharing the project's first single "seasonal depression pt. 2."  

Last year, Philadelphia rapper Chynna passed away at the age of 25 following an accidental drug overdose. A little over one year later, Chynna's family have announced her first posthumous album Drug Opera, sharing the first single "Seasonal Depression Pt. 2" in the process.

Over a melancholic and hypnotic beat produced by Suicideyear & Nedarb, the track picks up where its predecessor left off, setting a laid-back and contemplative vibe. Chynna locks in with a focused flow and understated lyricism, never raising her voice far beyond a whisper. As the song progresses, she begins to introduce new flows, showcasing her ability to lose herself in an instrumental. It will certainly be interesting to hear how "seasonal depression pt. 2" fits within the greater narrative of Drug Opera.  

Speaking of which, look for Chynna's first posthumous album to land on August 20th.  


I know the pain but I know the gain  
I blow my cancer, ride on a plane, what  
can I say?  
Evidently, it's a shame but evidence is  
not a case  
Never been without a trace

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