Wiley Goes In On "I Ain't Gonna Fold"

 Wiley drops off a new banger.  

Wiley's as contentious as it gets. Though his controversial statements in the past have led to rightful consequences, he's remained steady in his release schedule. It seems like he's kept a slew of bangers on deck that he's been unloading onto the public. This week, he returned with the adrenaline-pumping single, "I Ain't Gonna Fold." The rapper takes the bass-heavy production, which gives you a better glimpse at grime's influence on UK drill and completely demolishes it with fast-paced flows. The song features another grime vet, Kozzie, who slides through on the second verse with a monstrous presence.

The new single from Wiley follows the release of tracks like "Tour Bus" and "Tinted Metro."  

Stay tuned for more information on Wiley's forthcoming project, Anti-Systemic.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Send anybody, I ain’t gonna fold  
All your little dead tactics, them are old  
I can see through you, you’re a fake mold  
And I can’t chat shit with you, I’m too  

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