Check Out the Lifoti's Exclusively Published July 2021 Issue 16

Lifoti Magazine has given me multiple opportunities to learn and grow within the uniquely diverse culture. Dedication to represent the artistry, drive, and creativity for rising talents. Honor to work for a community in a way that encompasses not only the local area’s music and news scene, but all aspects of the everyday life and times of the world. That is what Lifoti Magazine means to me, and as the Editor-In-Chief, I proud to share my visions and I am excited to be a part of an incredible group of hard-working people who share the same passions I have, I am ready to go all in, hands down, to help showcase Lifoti as an outlet that will allow all creatives to propel their careers using our platform, and contribute to shine light on those who work hard everyday to inspire, influence and appreciate the culture of the local area with the world as one. 

None of this would be possible without everyone involved in the making and managing of Lifoti Magazine, and our supporters who continuously show us love! I would like to give a special thanks to Maria Nicolas, an amazing individual who I have always looked up to in so many ways. There’s not a day where i don’t learn from Maria, whether it be personal or professional, She is always pushing me to be my best self and testing me to use my potential to the fullest. I love watching her in action, both during work and on her off hours. She is extremely motivated, committed and just wants everybody to win win win! I am immensely appreciative of all the support I have received on my way up to this position and I am determined to continue to represent Lifoti Magazine with every move I make, not only for us, but for all of you! So this issue of Lifoti based on West Coast Inspirational Female Rapper Eturnul is making noise throughout the country with her bars.

Check Out The July 2021 Printed Issue 16 from below link's for your country:

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