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In Harmony Through a mix of talent and tenacity, the versatile La’tesha Ni’cole aka Eturnul —business woman by day, musician by night—She does it all. The musical conviction of Eturnul floods her audience with a rich tones and silky vibes. Hailing from the urban communities of Southeast San Diego located in Southern California. Eturnul is so much more than your all-American rapper. Her music possesses a stirring, earthy sound that leaves her fans aching for more. Her voice is robust. Her talent is pure. Her passion is unmatched. West Coast Inspirational Female Rapper Eturnul is making noise throughout the country with her bars. Her testimony has touched the lives of many by living a fast street life in her past to now being delivered by Gods grace and turning her life around. She has received numerous awards for her music across multiple regions in the United States. 

From living a fast Street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance to live life again. Eturnul has chose to live her life educating, encouraging and empowering others to live a positive Life Style. Influencing them towards a Godly lifestyle & relationship through music. Living to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her music is proven outreach which bridges a gap long desired between the wise and youthful generation. Reaching and inspiring the masses. Having graced the stage with local and global Legends she is now on a mission to impact the world in a positive way with a catchy twist to her flow and a classic lyrical delivery. Her passion for music turned into a business by becoming a full-time artist, Chief Executive Officer, and record label owner.

She started her indie record label “805 South” in hopes of helping other artists build up their brand as well. In addition to her record label, La’Tesha also has a clothing and apparel company too. The brand shares a name with her record label. The inspiration behind 805 South was also in hopes of inspiring and uniting her community to come together for the greater good of each other. 805 South also produces designs that raises awareness around physical health and common diseases. Recently she celebrates Mr. Big Stuff’s 50th Anniversary with Caraljo Music as she drops a new single titled “The Messenger”. “Mr. Big Stuff” was originally recorded in 1970 at Malaco Studio in Jackson, Mississippi and was eventually released by Stax Records in 1971 on Knight’s debut album of the same title. 

The song became a huge crossover hit, spending five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Soul Singles chart andpeaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100Singles chart. The song has remained relevant decades after its release, featuring in the 2007mini-series The Bronx Is Burning and sampled by R&B and soul artist John Legend, Hip Hop artist Heavy D and the Boyz topped the charts. Queen Latifah and many others released their version of this classic hit. The young, vibrant songstress featured Angelique Jonelle and DjMac Cummings on the single, with the trio combining to celebrate one of the biggest hits in the history of American music as created by the legendary Jean Knight. Her popular Mr. Big Stuff single undoubtedly set the trend for upcoming acts that re-created the hit and made it even more popular. The multifaceted entertainer and entrepreneur has already started to garner reviews fort he song, which has continued to do well, amassing massive streams across different digital platforms.

In this exclusive interview with Maria Nicolas, Eturnul open ups about her inspiring journey.

➧Interview By Maria Nicolas

• The multifaceted Latesha Nicole is an Entertainer, Entrepreneur, CEO, a mom and many more. We are interested to know more about you so, Would you please share a brief synopsis of your music journey? If you could walk us through your music related journey from "Tish-Bab'e" to present "Eturnul", what are some of the most notable facets of your life as an artist?
» Tish Babe Was This Adventurous, Courageous Street Lyricist, Who Just Like To Spit A Few Bars About Real Life Experiences. It Was Her Way Of Expressing, What She Was Doing, Living, Seeing, Feeling or What Someone Else Was Experiencing Around Her. The Transition From Tish- Bab'e To Eturnul Was That She Always Was Called A Hood Angel But There Was A bigger Purpose and What She Does Because Her Actions Impact Those She Influence. She Became More Accountable For Her Actions Answered Her God Given Call To Spread The Right Message, To The Youth, Hip Hop Culture and The World. In Three Words #GodOrNothing

• Compared to when you started a music career some decades ago, is it easier or harder to be a musician in 2021?
» Much Easier But It has Its Pros and Cons. However the digital age has made it much easier to connect with those you may have never reached for a long time without it.

• What is the ONE thing you are NOT willing or prepared to do EVER, in your quest to achieve a successful musical career? 
» Sale My Soul

• How important was music in your life? Were your family and friends supportive of this career choice? If you weren’t a musician today, could you see yourself doing anything else?
» Yes There was some support and extended family/friends on and off, I Am Also An Outreach Specialist, Youth Mentor, I am the founder of 501c3 Non Profit Organization InspireSD (Inspire Someone Daily) DBA Overcome Cancer & Lupus. Even without music I will be Educating, Encouraging and Empowering others. Of Course Continuously Running 805 South.

• How are you keeping busy and musical these days during the pandemic? How are you staying connected to your listeners? Are you finding that social media is even more useful now?
» Exactly Yes Staying Connected Through Social Media and Zoom, About To Embark On Club House As Well.

• What, or who serves as your biggest inspirations, both musically, and personally?
» Areatha Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr, Patti Labelle, The Jacksons, Singers and Public Figures, Rappers All The Hip Hop Artist On Self Destruction Old Track, Movie Creator Spike Lee, For Their Boldness Very Gifted People So Many More. Shout Out To All The Legends Played A Part In Inspiring Me. My Grandparents are my heros though Mr and Mrs Pete and Ruth House my mothers parents. My Grand Mother Karima Majeed (Lula) my fathers mother. They instilled wisdom, truth, correction and love without any short cuts to life. I Thank them dearly.

• What is the first thing that comes to your mind when creating a new project? What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid? 
» The Melody Of The Beat Or The Hook Usually Come First. Gotta Have Some Fire Production.

• Let’s talk about your latest release "The Messenger". What was it like making "The Messenger" How creatively involved with the process were you?
» It Was Amazing, One Of My favorites for sure. This project I was Really was involved, responsible for the creativity with this specific project and then with my team adding their expertise just put that sauce on it. The whole connection and making was amazing, The producers Steve Og and Steve Vicious, To The Scratch Sensations Of The Turntable Minister DJ Mac Cummings and The Beautiful Angelique Jonelle With Her Vocals. It Was One Of The Most Funnest Projects Done Thus Far. The Video Is Dropping Soon And It Featuring Some Local Legends Junkyard Dance Crew, Rozae_Zhane, Pop Lockin Gee, Debbie and Ceo Of Young Black & N Business. Filmed by Jay Betts Go Getta Visions.

• While it’s difficult, can you pick out a few of your favorite songs from your discography ? What was it like producing them and where did the inspiration for them come from exactly? What makes it so meaningful to you?
» 1. 805 South Remix. Because Of The Message and Our City and Culture All In One.
2. Blessings this is dedicated to my children. To all parents, Grandparents and those who parent others and been there unconditionally.
3. The Messenger It's so right timing for it, its needed and we celebrating 50th year anniversary of Mr. Big Stuff with Caraljo Music.

• Do you think music today is enjoyed more for the beats and rhythms or for the lyrical content?
» Both

• 805 South looks quite interesting. It is a complete package of e-commerce, fashion and record label. Tell us more about it. Do  805 South sign independent artists and How many artists are currently signed?
» Yes It Is A Complete Package, We have several designs out now 805 South Brand, Classic and Original featured on our website. We have also just dropped an exclusive limited time sweater and shirt "Welcome To San Diego". Artist and Label. We have 3 artists on the label presently. 1. " J-Movelle aka Lil J2"  Rapper, Singer and Actor He is 7yrs.  2. "Fre'yonni Lamari" Yonni Arts Studio Digital she is 14 Artist 3. Angelique Jonelle (Singer and Actress). Check them out on our website under the featured artist.

• What was it like making the music video for “Eturnul Remix”? How creatively involved with the process were you?
» Eturnul remix filmed on the block and I had full creative involvement with the project along with Open Vision Productions.

• I know you are multitalented at your work. And also a good entrepreneur business person. But How do you do music and business together in an excellent way?
» Just Combine them. They flow well together.

• What does the next page in your career trajectory look like? What does the rest of this year and the start of 2022 look like for you? Do you have plans to release more new music or a full album soon?Are you currently writing new music?
» It looks great and yes the Ep Will Drop Before Christmas. Lil J2 Is dropping a single featuring myself and Angelique is working on a single. We are launching new designs as well! It's about To Be A New Wave!

• Now it's time for Rapid Fire Round, you have to answer in one line. So get ready for it...!
» The first song I remember hearing? - BrickHouse By Commodores
» The first song I fell in love with? - More Bounce To The Ounce By Zapp
» The first album I ever bought? - Jackin for Beats by Ice cube because I could listen to my family and friends stuff before that free
» The first gig I went to? - Local Community Center Rapped about Dont Do Drugs
» The song that makes me want to dance? - More Bounce To The Ounce By Zapp
» The song I wish I’d produced? - None off hand
» The song I can’t get out of my head? - Self Destruction
» The song I can no longer listen to? - I don't know, all the songs I like are hits
» The genre I don't like? - Don't really know it's the substance of a song for me, not the genre
» The song I want to play at my upcoming B'day? - More Bounce To The Ounce By Zapp
» Describe Eturnul in one word? - Vibrant
» Describe 805 South in one word? - Stylish

• You’ve always championed new music. Are there any recommendations for Lifoti and its readers to check out?
» Definitely check out The Turntable Minister Dj Mac Cummings Out Of Atlanta Georgia

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