Toosii Takes A More Laid Back Approach On New Track "Back Together"

Toosii pours his heart out on his latest single "Back Together."  

Toosii's output so far has been impressing fans everywhere, especially those in his home state of New York. The artist has a ton of promise and with each new release, he displays growth in his songwriting ability, which is always the makings of a strong hitmaker. On Friday, he came right back to the fray with a new single called "Back Together," and it sees the artist in a more vulnerable state.

This track plays much more like a ballad than anything else and it works to perfection. Toosii talks about his life and what he has been through, noting that he is trying to piece himself back together. He is doing this so that he can settle and down and not hurt any more people in his life. It's a nice piece of self reflection that will make any fan want to tap in for more.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Don’t even rush, yeah  
You could learn a lot from me, already  
learned my dirty jokes, oh yeah  
Ayy, slow down, no rush, I just want your  
touch, ah yeah, ayy  
Let me hit in the morning, girl, when you  
yawning, yeah

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