Diplo Connects With Johnny Cash & $UICIDEBOY$ For "Zuccenberg"

 Buck the system.  

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash continues to make a splash in America with his raucous energy. In preparation for his new project, MONEYSUTRA, Cash has graced his fans with a new single. "Zuccenberg" features the $UICIDEBOY$ and is produced by Diplo. 

“This song is made in rage and frustration by the energy that has been boiling,” Cash explained. “You can hear in it all the canceled tours, shows, and the waiting! Postponing! Things shaded by the dumb ass virus. All my friends whose clubs got closed, jobs taken away. It has all in it. It represents all that boxed in energy, but at the same time it welcomes the future."  

Diplo's bouncy instrumental gives the single an energetic and monstrous feel, while Cash and the $UICIDEBOY$ lay down absurd and abrasive lyrics. This is the type of music you hear at a rave or an insane house party. Crank "Zuccenberg" and let us know what you think below.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Pussy, money, weed — feel like Tommy  
Slicky slicky slick, fuck a bitches gash  
Gucci bandana, Lean in my Fanta  
Papa in my wrapper, free basing cracka

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