Smokepurpp Changes Up His Style On New Song "MOB"

 Smokepurpp blesses his fans with a new single that shows off his versatility.  

Smokepurpp is an artist who went viral just a few years ago and since that time, he has been looking to hold on to his fame all while providing a wide array of sounds for his fans to sink their teeth into. Following some questionable moments in 2020, Smokepurpp is ready to make a big comeback, and just yesterday, he dropped a new song called "MOB" which will certainly get fans excited.

What is immediately noticeable about this song is the fact that Purpp is using a similar flow to Playboi Carti and it even feels like his voice has been altered to be more high-pitched. The instrumental itself is energetic and Smokepurpp does a good job of matching that demeanor. It's an undeniable banger and it's one that should please his fanbase.  

Let us know what you think of the song, in the comments below.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Bitch, leave me alone, I need me some  
Cartier buss on my face (Yeah), pay for  
her nails and her lace (Yeah)  
He tried to reach for my chain and he  
ended up shot in the face  
Four pockets full of blue cheese, yeah- 

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