Foolio Responds To "Who I Smoke" With Fantasia-Inspired Track "When I See You"

 Foolio returns with a direct response to the viral track "Who I Smoke."  

At the end of March, Jacksonville artists Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, and FastMoney Goon dropped a song called "Who I Smoke" which featured an instrumental based on Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles." The song was certainly catchy and immediately went viral. However, many quickly realized that the song was a diss towards various young men who had lost their lives in Jacksonville. These individuals were called out by name, and many of them were good friends of Julio Foolio, who allegedly has beef with the four artists who made the song.

As a response to "Who I Smoke," Foolio has dropped a song called "When I See You" which is based on a Fantasia song of the same name. In terms of disrespect, this song is in the same vein as "Who I Smoke" as we see Foolio parading around a poster of three other individuals who have died. These men are reportedly associates of Yungeen Ace, and in this track, Foolio disrespects them with some gruesome lyrics and harmonized wordplay. It's clear that there is real beef behind these tracks and considering the disrespect seen in "Who I Smoke," it's no surprise that Foolio opted to go this route.  

Just like "Who I Smoke," this song has gone viral, and pretty well every single reaction YouTuber is giving their two cents on the track. Whether or not Yungeen Ace decides to respond, remains to be seen.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

You always on my mind (You always on  
my mind)  
When I ride through the east side, I  
wanna see you (Six)  
When I see you (When I, when I, when I)

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