Take a look on Nouhi's album "Nouhi's Nomad" fulfilled with a Story of Love & Nostalgia.

Nouhi's Nomad most recent self-titled LP is actually an amazing example of what I am describing here! This songs is well-produced as well, highlighting the fact that Nomad knows what he is doing in terms of recording and capturing nothing but the very best. In addition to the charming musicality of this release, I also love its artwork. The image shows the picture of city view from balustraded balcony. This idea really matches the lyrics of the song, giving it more depth and texture. I really love it when artists are able to get creative with their visuals and match their artwork with their songs to perfection - this de-finitely seems to be the case with Nouhi's Nomad!

Bringing a warm and vintage style and sensitive lyrics to the forefront, Nouhi’s Nomad is a refreshing modern listen for anyone with a love of indie rock and the groovy state of nostalgia. His self-titled LP is a lovely collection of 12 tracks that focus on beautiful vocal melodies, interlaced with vintage rock and other influences. His music is all about keeping a broad creative mindset, as well as exploring different creative avenues, without ever losing sight of their roots. 

The LP definitely speaks for itself. Nouhi's Nomad’s is a truly masterful release, featuring music that speaks about the artist’s fondness of retro aesthetics, with a more contemporary twist. The catchy main melody is indeed an essential component of this track, which gets even more personal if you factor in the songwriting chops and the storytelling element in the composition. One of the smoothest aspects on this release is definitely Nomad’s vocal tone, which seems to be the perfect bridge between energetic and soothing, tying the vision together to perfection. Last but not least, the instrumental is perfectly balance, is just the last sprinkle on top, which serves as a perfect companion to Nomad’s fantastic vocal performance.

Tracks like “Pasagard” and “Angeezeh” allow his Persian musical influences to shine, his Persian heritage, Vampire Weekend, and classical opera training to cite just a few creating a nuanced portrait of an artist in his own musical language. Combining his skillful musician ship with compelling arrangements and crafty compositions, this collection will lift you up and be a perfect accompaniment for any road trip. Nomad had the ability to reach deep into the soul of the listeners with this one, myself included! Not many artists are able to create such a deep connection with their audience, but it seems that this is always quite an easy task for Nomad, who always knows what to say with his music, and more importantly, how to say it and make the most out of every melody, every note, and every beat.

So who is Nouhi's Nomad?? Well, Nouhi’s Nomad is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist genre-fluid creator based in New York City. Nomad showed an early interest in music, starting with the violin at the age of three before moving to the piano at age eight. He later studied percussion, notably the tombak. At age twelve he found his calling as a singer and began studying classical voice and singing in professional choirs. He picked up guitar and bass finally in college. Nomad is also a graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where he sang the title character of Orpheus in their production of Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. In addition to his background in classical music, Persian music and contemporary rock are a few more of his influences—with all three shining through within his Persian percussion, hypnotic and unique melodies, as well as stripped-down guitar backings.

LP Credits

Album Art: Zachary Tirgan

Music Composition: Zachary Tirgan

Lyrics: Zachary Tirgan, Geoffrey Cowling, Daniel Bonfiglio, Niko Newbould, Mehdi Ansaripour

Production: Zachary Tirgan

Session Musicians: Daniel Bonfiglio — Drums | Casper Hall — Drums | Ethan Moroh — Drums | Glenn Alexander — Guitar | Matt Hooke — Guitar & Bass

Music Consultant: John Yannelli

Mixed: Zachary Tirgan

Mastered: Ilan Natter

Special Thanks: Tony Clark

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Find out more about Nouhi's Nomad, and do not miss out on his amazing release, "Nouhi's Nomad”

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