Christopher Nielsen drops off the visuals for “262 (Give it Up)”

262 (Give it up) is a piece created as tribute to Christopher's time as a young artist in Lowertown St. Paul. He would record drums, piano and bass on a 4 track cassette player to create jam sessions with myself in his studio loft space at 262 East 4th Street. This piece was created the same way, where he imagined a song and arrangement and then played them live over each other in a jamming sort of way, only this time with modern recording equipment and professional production processing. "I recorded the drum track in one take and then added all the instruments over it live in line with the mental arrangement I envisioned. I felt as a composition it was reflective of those times jamming with myself." The video footage was shot mostly in Lages Brazil and features a young group of skateboarders that passed between several areas in the city. They introduce themselves near the end of the video. The piece 262 is part of the 2020 "Our Journey Home" release.

"Our Voyage Home" is a lively collection of 13 instrumental songs that reflect musical ideas from over a 40 year journey of Christopher Nielsen while in and out of the music business. Join Christopher Nielsen, through this voyage of exploration, as he reunites after more than 15 years with his musical roots and passion for heartfelt blends of musical style and expression. Combining his skillful musician ship with compelling arrangements and crafty compositions, this collection will lift you up and be a perfect accompaniment for any road trip. Chris’s musical style lends well to visualization and this collection is complimented by several artsy videos being released through his YouTube channel.

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Check out the visuals for Christopher Nielsen's "262 (Give it Up)" now, and stay tuned for further updates of Christopher Nielsen's upcoming songs.

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