"Attorneys With Swag" Will Unveil New Song and Video, “Deduct It” on April 2nd

Attorneys with Swag is a show featuring two young practicing attorneys (Eugene Toussaint and Everett K. Hopkins) based in New York City who discuss a diverse range of topics regarding the law and everything else in between. Each show includes a special guest that also brings a unique perspective to the area of law discussed. The purpose of the show is to educate people, specifically those living in communities of color, through candid, real-world conversations about how different laws generally work and can effect their everyday lives. However, because of the different personalities and experiences of the hosts and guests, each discussion inevitably leads to enlightening, hilarious, and sometimes heated conversations and debates.

After the release of Episode 2 "Attorneys with Swag - Business Deductions," where the group discusses how to make key tax deductions during tax season, the AWS Tax Firm becomes an overnight commodity in high demand. As a result, on the last day of tax season, the AWS team is met with a surge of eager new clients in dire need of tax services. They believe that true understanding occurs when you communicate material in three distinct ways: Writing, Oral Discussion and Musical Composition. Therefore, this Three-Pillared approach is applied in EVERYTHING that they do - including blogging, social media marketing, web series, podcast, merchandise, and especially their original music composition - making them one of the most unique entertainment/educational organizations every created. 

As the  CEO  of  Attorneys  with  swag, Eugene is the showrunner and co-host  of  the show and The Jury’s Out podcast. Because Eugene’s passion to help people expands far beyond the clients he represents, he felt that it was necessary to bring the law to the masses before they became his clients. Eugene sees Attorneys  with  Swag as his best  effort towards empowering the masses and preventing injustice. Everett virtually grew up in a legal environment as, from a young age, As a result, Everett has had plenty of experience with the law and has developed a passion to rectify the vast injustices and over-policing he and his community face daily. Other team members includes Franklin Gomez, Garfield Anthony, and  Jack Gomez. 

Check out the visuals for Attorneys With Swag's "Deduct It" now, and stay tuned for further updates of Attorneys With Swag's upcoming songs and episodes.

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