Skinnyfromthe9 Releases New Album "Love Me Now"


Skinnyfromthe9 releases his featureless new album "Love Me Now".  

New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 is still finding himself. The 25-year-old released his new album Love Me Now this week, and it's a nice blend of everything that the rising artist can accomplish in the studio. He can make a pop record, he can deliver gritty bars, and he can bang out an R&B track. Love Me Now features an eclectic mix of genres but it's missing a lot of identity.

Making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the years, Skinnyfromthe9 releases his new album today to show the world what he's really about. His music ranges between styles, and it feels at times that even Skinny doesn't know where he lies. The album starts with an R&B song and follows up with a pop record before tying into some of his hip-hop cuts.  

One thing is for sure: Skinnyfromthe9 refuses to be judged. Listen to his new music below.  


1. Far 
2. Exciting 
3. Butterflies 
4. Bust It Down 
5. Groupies 
6. Remember Me 
7. Bad 8. Me 
9. Truth 
10. Love Is Fake 
11. Important

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