Lancey Foux Drops Off New Album "First Degree"

 Lancey Foux has come through to deliver his brand new album "First Degree," featuring a lone guest appearance from Skepta.  

Today marks the arrival of a new eleven-track album from East-London's own Lancey Foux, a rapper unafraid to push musical boundaries. Now, he's come through with First Degree, featuring production from a lineup of Star Boy, Kelvin Krash, T99, Redda, Outtatown, BNYX, Jaasu, and more. Insofar as guest appearances, Lancey Foux opts to handle things largely on the solo front, though he does enlist the legendary Skepta for the brooding banger "What U Want." 

Stylistically, Lancey isn't exactly a traditionalist by any means, using his cadence in interesting ways; as such, his music might not be the most accessible to a widespread audience. Still, those who do hop on board will find much to appreciate, especially given Lancey Foux's willingness to explore unconventional production. Look no further than "Don't Talk," an early cut fueled by strange and unsettling synthesizers. "Bipolar Bag" evokes immediate retro vibes as Lancey raps a singsong flow; it's no surprise that many have drawn a comparison to Playboi Carti, so go into First Degree with that in mind.  

Should you be looking for something a little outside the box, Lancey Foux's latest may very well be exactly what the doctor ordered. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below. 

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