DJ Muggs Goes On A Journey With "Dies Occidendum"


DJ Muggs scores an unsettling dose of spiritual enlightenment with his new instrumental album "Dies Occidendum."  

DJ Muggs is a legendary producer in his own right, and with an impressive discography to look back on, the Cypress Hill veteran has shifted his focus to the realm of instrumentals. Today, the self-declared Black Goat has delivered his new project Dies Occidendum, a haunting and powerful musical odyssey fueled by religious undertones and occult imagery.

That's not to say we're in completely new territory, as Muggs makes sure to keep his signature raw sound prevalent throughout. In fact, there are some songs that all but invite the presence of an emcee, though Dies Occidendum does indeed stand tall as a cohesive instrumental release. In fact, those willing to queue this one up from start to finish will be in for an enlightening and at times unsettling journey, a dark religious awakening where the subconscious holds more sway than the conscious.  

For those who can appreciate the vocal-free storytelling chops of a practiced producer, Dies Occiidendum should be considered essential listening. Especially if dark beats and an underlying horror aesthetic are your particular cup of hallucinogenic tea. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off in the comments if you dared to take the plunge into DJ Muggs The Black Goat's latest. 

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