Kevin George Drops "101 Freestyle"

 Kevin George delivers an upbeat track with his new release, "101 Freestyle." 

Kevin George continues to blur the lines in his music. As an artist who takes inspiration from artists like Prince and Tame Impala, as well as R&B and hip-hop, it's hard to put his music in a box but that's what's so refreshing about it in the first place. Projects like Hopeless Romantic helped introduce the world to his creativity and how his brain connects elements from different genres to breed his own unique sound that's both gritty and poppy.  

Today, the rapper emerged with his latest offering, "101 Freestyle." The short track runs for a little under 2 minutes as the rapper pops his shit over frenetic and upbeat production.
Check out the latest track from Kevin George, "101 Freestyle" below" and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics 

She so pretty, come fuck with me 
Love the way you move it 
Really a dime, I just hit my prime 
Yeah, wait, the bitch is mine 
That bitch really mine

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