Christopher Nielsen Offer Melodic Vibes On Instrumental Track "Waiting On You" from his latest album "Our Voyage Home"

Christopher Nielsen began his career in music as a Drummer in the 1980’s where he led a group and played drums with three other young and extremely talented Jazz Fusion musicians, David Zachary (sax), Dannis Maddix (Bass) and Geoff Parrish (Keyboards). The Lowertown Jazz Ensemble, later shortened to Lowertown, was named after the emerging artisan community of Lowertown St. Paul. This quartet quickly gained notoriety in the Twin Cities Music scene. In the mid 80’s the original quartered disbanded but Lowertown forged forward with a variety of the Twin Cities finest musicians. The band ranged between three to 12 members and played a wide range of festivals, colleges and clubs. The Lowertown group was one of the early pioneers in the now vibrant music scene rooted in the Lowertown Neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. “Waiting on you” and “Payne'' from Christoher’s new album “Our Voyage Home” were among the most popular original fusion songs and Jazz standards they played. 

Waiting on You, originally titled Susan, was finally recorded in several sessions in MN and then again in MA around 2013. Since the original piano files were lost and the drum tracks were damaged, when Christopher revived this song for the new album, it was re recorded using some of the old with some of the new in 2019 at BIC Media Labs. Waiting on You - (Susan) features special performances by well known musicians Mike Crowley (Sax), Charles Fletcher (bass) and Bobby Stanton (Guitar). Christopher laid all of the keyboards, Drums and percussion used in this recording. The video was edited by Corey Garside.

Our Voyage Home is a lively collection of 13 instrumental songs that reflect musical ideas from over a 40 year journey of Christopher Nielsen while in and out of the music business. Join Christopher Nielsen, through this voyage of exploration, as he reunites after more than 15 years with his musical roots and passion for heartfelt blends of musical style and expression. Combining his skillful musician ship with compelling arrangements and crafty compositions, this collection will lift you up and be a perfect accompaniment for any road trip. Chris’s style lends well to visualization and this collection is complimented by several artsy videos being released through his YouTube channel.

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