Courtney Bell & Icewear Vezzo Are On Their Bully On "Deebo"

 Courtney Bell connects with Icewear Vezzo for his Friday-inspired offering, "Deebo." 

It's only been a few months since Detroit rapper unleashed his project, Poverty Stricken. The rapper's body of work includes appearances from artists like REASON and DCMBR, as well as production from !llmind and Justice League, among others. Regardless of who's on the track, Courtney Bell always holds his own, showcasing his emotional depth and lyrical abilities all at the same time.  

This morning, the rapper returned with his latest single inspired by the protagonist of Ice Cube's cult classic, Friday. Bell pairs up with fellow Detroit native Icewear Vezzo on "Deebo," a menacing banger with production that's equal parts sinister and animated. Bell and Icewear Vezzo pop their shit without hesitancy, detailing the ways of the streets and their status as rappers.
Check it out below.  

Quotable Lyrics 

Tried to leave but they need healin' 
Who gon' speak if I don't stop 'em? 
Fuck a chain, I bought the hood 
Built a block up with my patnas 
Find a all town and lock it when you 
playin' with them outlets

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