Soulja Boy Turns The Strip Club Upside Down On "She Make It Clap"

 Soulja Boy unleashes his latest single, "She Make it Clap." 

It's hard to get lost in Soulja Boy's catalog. With an endless amount of music released over the years, including collaborative projects and loose singles, he's left his mark on the rap game, even if he doesn't get his dues. However, you got to applaud the fact that even without the accolades and recognition he feels he deserves, he continues to flood his Soundcloud page with new music on a regular basis.  

Over the past few months, the rapper has been offering tons of music including his latest projects, Soulja World and Swag 3. Over the weekend, he slid through with a bass-rumbling banger titled, "She Make It Clap." The rapper details his array of firearms and women that he keeps close by while offering insight into his typical ventures into the booty club.

Check out his new single below.  

Quotable Lyrics 

I walk in the club and whip out them racks 

I'm blowing on gas, she doin' her dance 

S he makin' it clap, I might have a heart attack 

I walk in the club and I'm makin' it rain 

with them stacks

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