Moïz Vibe & Chad Velour drops off their latest single "Swoop" that is sure to get your head nodding

By Nkosi Phanord -
Jacques Moĩse Francillon François, known as Moïz Vibe, is a Canadian producer,drummer & percussionist. Moïz was born July 30th 1990 in the city where New York meets Paris: Montreal. He grew up in a typical Haitian household where the distinctive reggae/dancehall voices of BobMarley & Beenie Man would clash with the traditional Haitian guitar riffs and percussion of Coupé Cloué. 

Beat boxing at 4 years old, playing the drum at 7, there was something about this kid that was just meant for music. Nevertheless the sounds of Boyz II Men, Wu Tang and the whole 90’s golden age became the soundtrack of him and his sisters’ childhood.Over time, Moïz started playing in the church band on the weekends and frequently jammed with his older sister with made up songs or freestyles. That was probably Moïz’s first attempt at experimenting with music.

The puzzle would only come together very later in his life at the tender age of 15. A friend of his, introduced him to beat production. Making beats in his spare time, engaging in friendly competitions for who would come up with the best beats. The hobby slowly but surely turned into a passion. Moïz was highly inspired by different genres like Neo-soul, Afrohouse, Electro, Hip Hop, Dancehall and a drop of traditional music from Haïti. Artists like J Dilla, D’Angelo, Dwele, Daedelus and Flying Lotus gave Moïz his barrier breaking attitude towards making music. He’s not so much focused on beat structure but rather bringing together different sounds,elements, melodies and samples. This was to become Moïz’s signature. After high school, while the person who had introduced him to beat production moved on, Moïz kept at it. As things progressed, he got approached to be a part of a collective that had multidisciplinary artists from all over the city. Being with such like minded people, focused and exchanging on creativity. That led Moïz to feeling more confident about his music and eventually create his soundcloud account and release the first video effort for one of his songs.Following the release of the video. Moïz then dropped his first official project on soundcloud.

Indeed, the Eros Week EP was released on Valentine’s day. The plan was to drop 1 track a day until February 14th. The project was well received and it became a soundtrack for lovers from all over the city.This sound became the producer’s trademark. Moïz found himself also working 1 on 1 with artists in the studio to craft and produce an entire song from the beat to the overall final result. From taking acapellas from various artists and blending them with his production and even sometimes using those same acapellas as percussion. Moïz’s music is indeed a mixture between Jamaican influences, Hip Hop, Electro music with an intense focus on drums & percussion.Listening to Moïz’s music is a trip around the world where music lovers get different flavours for their pallet on each play.

Chad Velour does his thing on this one as well. He effortlessly switches between introspective bars, showcasing his flaws and his strengths with masterful style. "Swoop" will be an underrated banger this year, but one you should load into your playlists. Truthfully, the Moïz Vibe instrumental is the best part of the song. It is easy to get lost in the vibe, which will make it a favorite for those who enjoy late-night drives. 

Listen to the new track below and let us know if you're vibing to it.

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