Back from the depths of hell, or in this case Grifton, NC, is V of 40M with another barnburner titled "Inferno"

The Philadelphia born activist and artist was first introduced to us late last year when XLM+ released his trailblazing debut "No Church On Sunday", which has since set fire to the culture. Virtually unknown, V's first release has done astonishingly well in racking up over 300K streams and countless cosigns by some of the most reputable outlets in music. 

In the follow up "Inferno", V picks up where he left off in brilliant fashion - even going so far as to spin off of Dante's even more infamous version. Looking to expand on his sound, the "Big M" has linked with drill super-producer Saint Cardona on a few of his upcoming tracks. Definitely something worth keeping an eye and listening ear out for. The self-proclaimed "revolutionary" is slated to drop a series of singles before releasing a full mixtape in 2022.

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