Perry Stevens announcing new studio release: Strangers Tango

A very special combination of great songwriting and amazing melodies, all wrapped up into a very charismatic package.

Perry Stevens set out to drop a brand new single titled Strangers Tango, which is a perfect example of the artist’s astonishing blend of great quality music. As a singer and songwriter, Perry has actually been performing for many years now. His story as a singer dates back to the seventies. Back then, he was often found performing at some of the best clubs, and eventually he also had many opportunities to potentially go on the road and take his music to the next level. However, he fell in love and decided to focus on his family, and a different career in the medical field, so that he could provide more stability and be there for his loved ones.

However, he recently had the opportunity to get back into the music game, and things started to take off very, very quickly for Perry. He developed a unique sound based on many different influences, but more importantly, capturing the long-lost magic of classic songwriting and timeless folk, rock, and pop music from the olden days. What Perry accomplished was truly amazing, because it did not simply create music with a nostalgia effect. He actually took those influences and blended them in with some modern ideas, giving the audience something quite special and innovative. A good idea of what I am talking about is definitely his most recent studio single, Stranger Tango. This is yet another accomplished and well-performed release from Perry, and another example of his magnetic, story-driven songwriting, which has grown into a very cool artists brand for him, something that is fans really look forward to whenever he releases a new song indeed!

If you like music with great melodies and even catchier rhythms, this one is definitely for you.What I particularly love about this track is that it highlights the fact that Perry is a very diverse and dynamic performer. He can do so much more than just amazing rock and pop: he can also including Latin music influences, such as amazing Tango grooves!

This track tells the story of a man, who actually meets a stunningly gorgeous women at a foreign Tango club. The two actually start dancing together, and the man starts to fall in love with her, while they are dancing a sensual Tango! This is definitely highly recommended for people who like creative and colorful music, with a real story to tell. This song is definitely going to make you dream of traveling, falling in love, and discover something special on a new adventure. Because of all of these lock-down rules, many people throughout the world have not really been able to travel too much, but at least artists like Perry are helping us dream and flyaway, even if we are sitting in the same place! He let us travel with the power of his imaginative stories and fascinating melodies, which are actually incredibly inspiring and catchy, at the same time! Perry’s signature vocal style is always quite remarkable.

This wonderful track begins with a brooding atmospheric texture, and the main mood of the track jumps to the forefront soon after. Right off the bat, the production is very impressive,showcasing Perry Stevens’s creativity at its best. Lyrically, the song packs quite a punch with a very earnest and powerful flow, perfectly attuned to the intensity of the instrumental. If you follow the work of artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Paul Anka, you should definitely find an affinity for Perry Stevens and his music, because this production spares no expenses when it comes to creating some great vibes. Ultimately, Perry is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, and Strangers Tango is a great example of the massive impact and punch that he can bring to the table.

Find out more about Perry Stevens, and do listen to Strangers Tango, which has been posted to Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming platforms on the web.

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