Perry Stevens is back at it with a fantastic new studio single, Salted Heart.

A magnetic song with a strong emotional theme, and some beautiful melodies to match up with the excellent lyrics.

There are so many artists out there, spanning different genres and artistic background. However, not many have the passion, background story and unique artistry of Perry Stevens! Based out of West Covina, California, this talented performer has a career that spans several decades. In fact, many might not know that he was actually a singer already back in the 1970s, when he could be found playing club gigs and putting his own spin on some amazing hits. Perry had it all on track for a successful career as a musician and touring performer. However, he fell in love, and decided to focus on his family. 

He made a home and spent many happy years working and doing family life, before he eventually decided to go back to making music. He has released a successful run of amazing singles, including his most recent number, “Salted Heart,” which feels like a strong combination of rock, country and blues. What’s special about the sound of this release is the fact that he sets the bar higher with some uniquely melodic ideas and a great production, which is definitely a secondary aspect against an artist’s passion and skills, but does nonetheless matter when it comes to one’s enjoyment of a song or album! As you know, production quality is important but it is definitely not the only thing to consider when it comes to the creation of amazing songs. 

Lyrics are also quite important, because they take the audience someplace else, enabling to really find a more immersive connection with the music. In this case, Perry managed to use the song to tell the audience the story of a hurt woman. She had bad experiences with men in the past, so bad in fact that she did not want to waste anymore time trying to fall in love and potentially get hurt by the wrong person! The musical storytelling is actually one of the main components of Perry’s creative vision, and his fans, who have been following him release after release, definitely know this. Arguably, Perry is a true poet when it comes to lyrics, creating songs that are so immersive and engaging, and they also have a lot of realness to share with the audience. 

The song immediately lures the listener in with a beautiful melodic backdrop. The instrumental is absolutely world-class and it merges in perfectly well with Perry’s vocal performance. His style is astonishing and easy to relate to, and what matters most is definitely the fact that he doesn’t have a specific tone, but rather a versatile blend of highs and lows, with vocals that can be smooth and soaring, but also quite dynamic and loud, depending on which part of the song he is singing. This is amazing, because it turns the song into a sort of rollercoaster ride, giving the audience a wild and fun experience through and through! As an artist, Perry Stevens creates music that’s just the right blend of inspiring and entertaining, going for a very memorable feel.

You should definitely give this release a shot if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Paul Anka and Johnny Cash. This release is a perfect calling card for Perry and a stunning example of his passion and one-of-a-kind artistry. Ultimately, one of the things I really love about Perry’s music is the fact that he seems to be able to combine strong sonic aesthetics with a hint of a retro vibe, making his music more warm and authentic for people to truly enjoy the vibes of his compositions, and the character of his vocals. He is a skillful singer with a passion for crafting timeless songs, and “Salted Heart” is definitely proof of that! This is yet another example of Perry’s amazing passion for great music.

Find out more about Perry Stevens and do not miss out on “Salted Heart,” which is now available on Soundcloud alongside many other incredible songs by Perry himself.

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