Perry Stevens introducing a brand new single: Wayfaring Stranger

Artist and songwriter Perry Stevens has a unique history, and a career in music that dates back to the seventies. He started singing at clubs,and eventually was noticed and offered the opportunity to go on a national tour. However, he realized soon after that life on the road meant that he would need to spend a lot of time away from his family, and he didn’t want to leave his wife alone. For this reason, he decided to stay home, but recently had the opportunity to resume making music, and reach out to a new audience with some incredible releases, which speak to the hearts and minds of a generation. Perry has been putting out some amazing and inspiring new songs lately, each and every single one of them with a powerful story, and some amazing lyrical concepts. 

Recently this talented songwriter actually came out on the scene with a brand new studio release. His new project is titled “Wayfaring Stranger”, and it highlights the artist’s diverse stylistic background, which combines his love for genres as diverse as country, folk, rock-and-roll, and even blues. The new release sets the bar higher with some astonishing melodies and one-of-a-kind lyrics. Perry is certainly onto something special with this release and the sound of this release feels competitive and world-class,comparing very favorably with some of the top songs and artists in this particular genre. It has a unique miss of blues-rock energy and country-folk pathos,going for some deep lyrics and amazing instrumental arrangements, perfectly matching Perry’s fantastic vocal performance.

If you like artists like Elvis Presley, as well as Johnny Cash or even Paul Anka and Eric Burton, this one is going to be right up for you. Perry Stevens has developed an original sound with a one-of-a-kind feel and some masterfully arranged instrumental parts that match the feel of the artist’s vocal performance to absolute perfection. The song’s production is world-class, and a true testament to Perry’s astonishing passion for creating new material to the highest quality standards in the recording industry. This brand new song release is indeed a perfect introduction to Perry’s songwriting style and sonic vision and a very good indication of what this talented artist is really all about. He wants to create music that’s fun and entertaining, but also strikingly dynamic and impactful. This is definitely one of the reasons why so many of Perry’s songs actually have powerful stories behind them. “Wayfaring Stranger”is definitely one of them. The song in this case is Perry’s rendition of an iconic old classic, and it is a story of a man who has been away from his home and family for so many years now. 

He has been traveling and seeing much of the world, but he was missing his home, so at some point, he actually decided to make his way back and reconnect with his folks. The song’s lyrics are iconic, and this track has been performed by so many talented singer,including the legendary Johnny Cash himself, as well as Jos Slovick. Recently, popular teen sensation Ed Sheeran also recorded a version of this immortal tune. Perry’s version truly stand out among others,especially because he managed to infuse the track with some of his personality and vision, giving the song a fresh and spontaneous edge. He is connected with the lyrics and has a fresh perspective on this tune, giving the track a fundamentally unique edge that makes it so special and one of a kind. Whether he is performing an old classic or one of his own compositions, Perry always finds the sweet spot!

This new amazing song is no exception, and it sets the bar even higher,showcasing Perry’s amazing passion and commitment to writing high-quality songs for his audience. Find out more about the talented Perry Stevens and visit his official page on Soundcloud, where you can stream this song, and numerous other releases in full.

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