Joyner Lucas Drops Off Full Version Of Haunting "Revenge"

On the road to revenge, dig two graves. 

Another chapter of Joyner Lucas' album-in-pieces ADHD has arrived. After previewing the somber banger with his two-part visuals for "ADHD," Joyner has come through to deliver "Revenge" in its completed state. Centering around the diminishing returns of his own success, Joyner's examination of toxic behavior finds him returning to his storytelling roots. Taking to a haunting piano loop, Joyner deftly controls his cadence to build anticipation for the inevitable drop. When the drums do hit, they add a new layer of urgency to his reflection.
"Give me a pen, I don't even drink, but fuck it, I need some Henny and gin," he raps, in the tracks' second verse. "Plenty of sins, I broke my bitch's heart, she'll never forgive me again." Of all the songs released thus far, "Revenge" feels like a highlight in many ways. Easily the darkest fragment of the picture, Joyner's intensity and seemingly endless array of flows speak to the hunger within him. By this point, he seems fully committed to honoring the vision of his staggered release, so we may as well enjoy the ride. What has been your favorite drop thus far? 

Quotable Lyrics 

Give me a pen, I don't even drink 
But fuck it, I need some Henny and gin 
Plenty of sins 
I broke my bitch's heart, she'll never
forgive me again 
Where have you been? 
I had to go find myself, I killed and buried 
my friends 
I never could swim 
I used to push some weight with niggas 
who been in the gym 
Come step in my Timbs 
You could not walk in my path, I never 
caught no cabs, I had to walk

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