Wiz Khalifa Links With AD For Vintage Banger "Chappelle's Show"

Wiz Khalifa sounds focused on his latest single. 

For an artist as prolific and creatively free-flowing as Wiz Khalifa, the material tends to come at high frequencies. While that's certainly of great benefit to his loyal fans, it can occasionally lead to inconsistent and lyrically uninspired loosies. Luckily, Wiz is talented enough to entertain even in the thickest of weed-hazes. When he's focused, however, he's a different beast altogether. A smooth operator capable of reciting the alphabet backward in the highest stages known the man, Wiz brought that energy to the table on the AD-assisted "Chappelle's Show."
Taking to a refreshingly old-school sample slip from BigJerm412, Wiz Khalifa rides the instrumental with focused composure. "Speaking of composure, I keep it and I keep my team closer, n***as need keep their mouths shut - closure," he raps. "If we don't' eat then what's the outcome, vultures." AD picks up where Wiz left off, the slept-on west coast lyricist keeping pace with some hard bars of his own. "Fuck your couch I'm Rick James like it's a skit Chappelle, beating on a table I'm grindin' like it's Clipse for real," he spits. In truth, this might be Khalifa's best single in a minute, and if he keeps this sound moving forward, everybody wins.

Quotable Lyrics

Speaking of composure, I keep it and I
keep my team closer,
N***as need keep their mouths shut -
If we don't' eat then what's the outcome?

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