J Hus Unleashes Highly Anticipated Ella Mai Collab "One And Only"

J Hus & Ella Mai's long-awaited collab off of "Big Conspiracy" is here. 

J Hus announced his latest album Big Conspiracy with very little warning. At the time of the announcement, he shared few details about the tracklist but he did admit that a collab with Ella Mai was on the project. Of course, it didn't actually make the final tracklist but that doesn't mean that J Hus was going to hold out on us.

While everyone was going crazy over last night's Super Bowl, J Hus slid through with the track, "One And Only" ft. Ella Mai. J Hus and Ella Mai come through with the track for the ladies on it. Their fusion of R&B and hip-hop with a touch of jazz gives off an early 2000s vibe but it's surely still a smash. The release of the song comes a few days after J Hus secured the top spot on the UK album charts. Hopefully, we see it on streaming services soon. 

Quotable Lyrics 

I'm in the passy, blowin' indo out the
If I love you then I show you to my kinfolk 
Skinny man but I'm comin' like Big Show 
Everybody loves me, but they hate Chris 

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