Teejayx6 Shares His Third Song Of The Week, "New Scheme"

Nothing like a good old YouTube dump. 

It's always exciting when an artist eschews the standard practice of releasing music on streaming services and decides to just drop a bunch of songs on YouTube instead. Sada Baby has been adopting this approach and so has fellow Detroit rapper: Teejayx6.

Teejayx6 is in his bag this week, dropping three songs so far on three consecutive days. Today's offering is "New Scheme". The title references his favorite pastime and lyrical theme: scamming. Teejayx6 is the kind of rapper that you don't want to miss a single bar, cause they're all witty and hilarious. He details his scamming ways with lines like, "I'm playing with different cards everyday like it's Yu-Gi-Oh!" At other points, he's less subtle, unblinkingly confessing that he's hacking comedians and making money off of fraud. His lifestyle is his business, though. We're just enjoying the music. If you like what you hear here, check out his other two joints of the week, "Explaining The Bars" and "NBA Street Vol. 2". 

Quotable Lyrics 

I don't trust n****s in my house, they 
gon' steal from you 
The weed not really getting me high 
enough, pop a pill or two 
He tried to catch me off guard and i 
peeled his cap 
We know that you be snitching boy, don't 
make me reveal the fact 
Caught a n**** off guard now he want all 
his time back 
Got an iced-out rollie on, can see the 
time frame

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