THIS HEART I SURRENDER... A Band to watch out for!

Many small-town bands dream of making it BIG in the music industry, but few have the drive and tenacity to actually move from a local stage to a national venue. This move takes raw talent, hard work and a lot of determination to achieve the kind of success that can make a group become a household name in the music industry. THIS HEART I SURRENDER is more than just a name. According to Band member Jourdan Westenberg “It is a reminder that every time we get on stage, we strive for something greater than ourselves.” 

Their story begins in a small town in Wisconsin, just two guys with a dream... A dream of writing, producing and sharing inspiring music with the world. The musical journey of the band started by getting in touch with a family friend who had a small make-shift recording studio in the back of his church. That is where the band recorded a small EP with the first collection of original songs. Once the initial recording was completed, THIS HEART I SURRENDER began producing and mixing the album with the help of a friend that works for Hal Leonard Publishing. After what seemed like a really long time and a lot of sweat equity, THIS HEART I SURRENDER’s first EP “Make Us Yours” was born. 
The group began playing shows, digitally streaming and producing original videos. The initial response was fantastic, eventually catching the eye of a small label down in Savannah Georgia. Little Bird + Big Sound was the opportunity that was needed. After making a deal, the guys in the band knew they would need some funding and started a fundraiser. Amazingly, the project was fully funded within only 3 weeks. Band members Jourdan Westenberg and Jairius Stolar began writing more new songs and worked to produce two new singles under the Little Bird + Big Sound label.

This time things were different, the band was not working from a make-shift studio, but with an experienced producer, sharing a clear vision and a new sound. The experience was life changing. God’s hand was on this band from the get-go, and they were seeing His blessings in every area. 

The actual recording process was a blast for the duo. Westenberg says “Drumming, singing, writing... We felt like this is what we were born to do.” After a successful time spent in the studio, THIS HEART I SURRENDER’S second EP was born. 

According to the folks at Little Bird + Big Sound, the new EP is described this way...
“In Their self-titled sophomore release, rock band THIS HEART I SURRENDER takes on a bold new sound. Deeply rooted in anthemic, modern-rock, the project explores new musical avenues, including hints of pop and hip hop, culminating in a beautiful blend of forceful melody and raw emotion.  The second EP has been even more successful than the first. The 2 new songs have been featured on radio stations around the world, even topping charts on websites and blogs. It has currently been streamed over 23,000 times on Spotify. THIS HEART I SURRENDER is excited to announce that they are creating plans for a new album with even more original songs and future plans with Little Bird + Big Sound.

The journey for THIS HEART I SURRENDER members Jourdan Westenberg and Jairius Stolar is far from over. They are pleased to announce the addition of guitarist Jacob Krause to the band and look forward to more original songs and shows on the way. Jacob has been playing guitar for local bands for years and brings a grunge type sound with his stylistic riffs and creative energy. 
THIS HEART I SURRENDER is working hard at their newly created home studio to put together some awesome new music and sounds that they will feature in an upcoming album. As they get “Tour Ready”, they are acquiring everything they will need, including a new Paramount Tuxedo Drum kit that according to Jairius, drummer for the band, “The Sound from this kit is on a such a new level and creates a cool look, we are definitely ready to hit the road on tour.”

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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