SackCity Scoota has a phenomenal skill to adapt his talent and style

Brandon Walker (known by his stage name, SackCity Scoota) is an independent American rapper and vocalist from Orlando, Florida. SackCity Scoota was born in Orlando, the oldest of four children. SackCity Scoota grew up in a neighborhood known as "Every Body's Nightmare" in Upper East Orlando. He started off rapping and writing at a very young age,  and his love for rap developed as his writing skills flourished. Scoota’s upcoming releases will expound on his vocal as well as lyrical talents. Scoota and his label mate's are hitting the Hip Hop/R&B industry by storm.
SackCity Music Group has released several singles and mixtapes including When The Price Go Up,DirtyFace, infinite Pain, DownBad, and "On The Run” which was featured on SackCity Scoota's (ScootaTheShoota)  Mixtape.
 Scoota's biggest inspiration would be the people behind me, the people who made mistakes which let me learn from them so he could succeed. His best advice would be to first of all stay of trouble and to stay focused on your goal at hand. Growing up he had to understand that nothing comes overnight but a dream, and if you are passionate about that dream you have to do what you have to do to make that dream a reality.  Scoota also feel's that today’s music has honestly changed a lot from what he was listening to when he was coming up. There’s a few artists that he do like here and there, but he wouldn't sugar coat his answer. For the most case he's not really a big fan of today’s music. he feels like certain artists now don’t have to have talent to get a deal.

Now “SackCity Scoota” is a young artist that has a phenomenal skill to adapt his talent and style and create a new flow on any music out of his genre. He has raw potential in which he can sway and move any audience he is given with a performance. I rather not boast too much about this young man, because he has shown time and again he will not be stopped, his actions speak volumes that my words can hardly explain. He and Mr. Blakeman better know as “SackCity E-Man” created SackCity Muscle Gang also known as SackCity Music Group from the ground up based in Orlando Fl, with their music features with locals and big time promoters from throughout the area they solidified their selves as the only duo out of East Orlando Florida who can perform as single acts or as a duo. Now when Mr.Scoota hired me on he had a mission to build and branch out their brand starting with merchandise and leading to production to keep everything in-house. But because their an independent act, they decided against their first idea and started building a roster of versatile artist that could bridge the gaps between their music to gain a bigger following, and to be honest they knew as the heads of the organization we didn't have the actual funds to complete the first task. 
Now that is just a little information about Scoota and his label mate.  Mr. Blakeman and Mr. Walker also have artists who reside in Detroit, New York, and Georgia. They all have a different style but were hand chosen because of their work ethics and potential.  Now If SackCity Scoota isn't  hustling at work or in the studio. He's heavily Influenced By Underdogs In The Game That's Trying To Make A Break through just like him. He Used To Look Up To More Of The Big Dawgs In The Industry But he's lost that Feeling because Most Of Them Forget Or Dont Care About Those Who Haven't Made it to their level yet. So he decided Just Tough It Out With The under dawgs until his time comes & its coming soon believe that. Scoota prides himself on his work ethic and his steady morals to be and become a better artist, his favorite saying is “I don’t want to get comfortable, you get comfortable and you get lazy. You get lazy and you become mediocre.”

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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