Standpoint to The Sun has honed their craft for 3 years and released the wicked beast

They achieved creating a new band & business called Standpoint to The Sun. The debut album wicked beast took 3 years to record and get released. In the beginning the members in this band all played together in their younger teens from the ages of 12- 16. This is where their friendship came about and a love of music became their main topic of conversation and the idea of someday having our own band. so, they joined different bands and played in local rival bands such as the Feedbacks, Dodging Scarlett, Flow, Louise, playing all over Northern Ireland. unfortunately, the gigs dried up then they just gave up and broke off in their separate ways to excel in other areas. 

Fast forward a good couple of years. Then in 2016 with an empty feeling and unfortunate turn of events the 2 remaining friends Garrett Donaghy (Guitar) & Matthew John Harris (Vocals) together thought of rekindling this once forgotten dream and started their own band by the name of Standpoint to The Sun and started writing and collaborating. From Realizing they wanted a full band and edgy sound they needed to recruit the other members i.e. Bass, Drums. So there first option for bass was Christopher Kerr or northerly known as Cryzeuz. he was playing in a band at the time called Hydrogen jukebox, due them splitting after 1 EP he came and joined the sun with no hesitation. 
Next was the drums for which this would prove the most difficult as they tried a few local drummers even knocking on 1s door to no avail. they did however have 1 friend who was known to have been there and done it a drummer some would say played like a better Dave groul. his name was Michael Sheehan and he would prove the most difficult to get on board.

So, with nothing to lose we approached mickey’s house and knocked on his door to which he appeared and threw chatting and playing him our demos, he was interested to do drums for us. he was so interested he told us of his plans to create his own music studio in his garage and how we can record it there as he just finished studying music in Armagh tech. over the next 3 years we waited while the studio was being molded with new equipment each week while we increasingly jammed and practiced eager for the moment to get in the studio and create our masterpiece, the only thing we have ever wanted and that was to have our own music. When the day came, we didn't expect to run into so many problems and issues it near made our dream so out of reach but to each man’s credit we stayed patient and waited until we got in there and recorded the whole album in 2 weeks. Only for us to have to redo the album cos we fucked up and somehow the beats got deleted so again we went back into the studio and recorded the songs again in 2 days and were prepared to keep going until we knew it was done. From realizing our parts were over while the songs had to get the finishing touches put on the songs. We then had our eyes opened to the business world of music and how much it has changed since 1993 where record labels seemed the way to go. so, the band had to study and understand the business which wasn't too difficult thanks to the internet, but it was not fun at all. We also ran into the unfortunate circumstances just before the album’s release as the drummer/Engineer Michael Sheehan had to have part of his bowel removed which to his credit he came through and is now making a full recovery and is back. So, we are ready to take the show on the road.
 Due to the current positive response from their debut album wicked beast they are going to make a quick follow up with their 2nd album which we will call FALL OF THE MOON. With this album they wish to push the boundaries and be even more creative with hopefully double the length of this first album.

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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