Jay Dee is a live act that is sure to impress with her versatility, creativity, and boundless energy

Since capturing first place at 2016’s Toronto Open Mic Contest, Richmond Hill’s Jay Dee has established her band as a high-voltage, spell-binding feature of numerous music festivals. She has recently released her debut EP “Smiling Face.” Featuring four original songs that include the ferocious foot-tapping drive of “Bad Medicine,” the introspection and exploration of “The Net” and “Never Knew” and buoyed by her signature, singalong title track - an effortless genre-bender that combines country, folk and throwback pop with a touch of rock panache - “Smiling Face” the EP clearly demonstrates that Jay Dee is more than that, yet only scratches the surface of her versatility and creativity. 
Peppy ukulele chord progression, this is punctuated with slide guitar, an upbeat drum beat, and of course Jay Dee’s polished and uplifting vocals. To witness the Jay Dee Band in a live setting is to see them in their natural habitat. At times Jay Dee struts and prowls around the microphone, cradling her ukelele as she strums it into submission; her band falls in-step with her boot-stomping energy as she leads them into the next moment, a new gear of excitement, and you expect the roof to shake. 

Or with guitar in hand, Jay Dee might seduce you with a ballad, but with her like-minded band of Steve Frise, Michael Guinane, Peter Han, Tyler Reznik, John Shisko, Michelle Rubinov, and Mark Stratton, where the song starts isn’t necessarily where it will wind up. There’s something electrifying about watching an artist reaching for, and attaining new heights from one performance to the next.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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