Sylvain is a passionate and creative artist, very engaged in his songs as well as in his life

Born on April 11th, 1972 in Mont-Saint-Aignan, Sylvain Moraillon is a french singer, songwriter, musician and producer living near Paris. Very young, he was dreaming of make albums and write songs. But before writing his own ones, Sylvain wrote lyrics for Daniel Lavoie " Où la route mène", his first single when he was 20, was radio n°1 in Québec, and Michel Fugain "Le petit vieux du square Saint-Lambert", "Le bal démasqué". 

He then collaborated with many people, among others: Tanya Saint Val, Patricia Kaas "Ma blessure" Faudel "Je n’ai que mon cœur", "Entre elle et moi" or even Gérard Lenorman and Filip Nikolic, n°1 with the single "Qui prendra ta place ?" on Itunes and Amazon. He now writes songs in the french language as well as in the english language. The two langages say différents things. He produced the album of the actress Fiona Gélin, "Passeport", which he wrote and also released (distributed by Sony Music) and that of Ton Andreis, "L’ordre des choses ", a young artist from Nantes. For a while, he turned to the stage as a sound engineer on artists'concerts as Vincent Delerme, Bénabar, Hocus Pocus, Louis, Cyril Paulus, David Koven, Olivia Ruiz either still Ayo. Also scriptwriter, he wrote for "1 gars1fille" for 3 years, and "Caméra café" . Then he published his first novel "Crime pour l’Humanité" in 2009 and "Le crime d’être père" in 2014. 
In 2007, he founded the Studio Jeunèse music school in Nantes, then in 2012, he created his second musical and media production company, specialized in short programs : Nirvana Prod. He sometimes plays on stage, as he did at Le Réservoir or Le théâtre des Blancs-Manteaux, and he wants to sing on stage more and more next years.

Very committed into the cause of childhood, he worked for Unicef during one year, then he created the Violette Justice association to fight against the institutional ill-treatments imposed on the children and on their families. He recently wrote the song "ls me l’ont pris" to talk about it. He is now president of Ligue française des droits de l'enfant and Adua. 

While investing in its community activities, he is pursuing his career as an author, musician and producer/singer-songwriter by developing many cultural projects : records, films, television and littérature, with his new book collection "Les chroniques de Piaffeur", included two volumes yet : "Comment foutre sa vie en l’air en 10 leçons ?" and 'Comment rater sa vie de couple en 10 leçons ?". Next one is in preparation and will be called : "Comment se faire avoir par un pervers narcissique en 10 leçons ?". He released the single « Diva », in 2016, produced by Austound Music (in Texas), featuring Greg Tanoose and Pat Mastelloto, the King Crimson drummer, then released his first full-length album À mon image, followed by several single releases including "T'attendre" and "Do you think ?",  airplayed on thousands radios all over the world. The album has been now signed by Ascot Music, with publisher Charles Ibgui.
In 2017, he published a collection of his songs, On chante à Paris, which retraces his 25 years of career in the music industry. This year, he’s working on his next album, "Rien ne m’appartient". It will be very rock, and lyrics will talk a lot about moral values in the modern world. And some about love, of course. It will contains new songs, but also covers of his own songs wich had been sung by other artists, as "Ma blessure" or "Vous ne tuerez pas l’amour". He wants to give his own interpretation of these songs he first written for french known singers. Some other songs on this album were written a long time ago but never recorded, and he wants to make them exist by himself because they’re still very important to him. 

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:


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