Who’s Desiree Sierra? Meet the songstress who experts in Latin infusion

Desiree Sierra is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress. Her main genre is Pop with a Latin infusion. She believes the merging of the two genres is currently and can continue to provide strong and vibrant art that can be enjoyed across multiple ethnicities and demographics. In addition to current top stars, Desiree’s dynamic on stage visual and vocal performances are heavily influenced by Selena Quintanilla and Frank Sinatra. As an infant Desiree would travel over 50 miles round trip with her dad daily, and he would pass the time by playing some CDs which focused on learning. When he got tired of that, he put on some Frank Sinatra for them both to enjoy. Soon Frank’s work would become one of the few ways to calm a very young Desiree down in moments of stress. Desiree chose one of Frank’s best works “The Way You Look Tonight” for the Father – Daughter dance song option at her Quinceanera. Then, her mom introduced her to Selena Quintanilla. That is when her world changed. She fell in love with Selena’s life story and work. It truly changed her life. 
She would watch Selena’s movie over and over. As she did then, she still asks her parents to share their experiences watching Selena live and in person when she toured Texas early in her career. Sometimes, neighbors could walk by and see Desiree singing and dancing to Selena’s work in the driveway of her home and she has and will continue to sing and dance to Selena’s songs on stage for live audiences. Desiree finds joy in spending time with her dog whom she has had the joy of sharing time for the last ten years. She is passionate about helping children in any possible. She is very active in her community where she supports several charities. Currently, her signature event is the annual Cuisine for a Cure held to benefit the Health Services of North Texas, Inc. 

Here she can support her passion of helping and supporting children with their medical needs regardless of income level. Desiree has logged many stage hours at events both large and small. She is no stranger to putting in work. She works tirelessly at her studio owned by Brielle Pogue of the Pogue Entertainment Group. Her favorite dance coach and inspiration is Carlos Alberto Hernandez out of Dallas, Texas.

Desiree just released her first EP, Right on Time, in February of 2019 which now has well over 250,000 streams on Spotify. For this EP, she collaborated with several industry professionals and producers. The long list includes Nash Overstreet, Michelle Buzz, Chole Subia, Isaac Valens and Tushar Apte to name a few. Her songs are all a reflection of her and her experiences as a young woman working through this challenging world full of varying expectations and challenges. Her EP tells her story. In it, she expresses her feelings and challenges in dealing with current social norms and the often-crazy world of boys. She also addresses the rollercoaster that can be the world of friends and peers. Desiree is staying active this summer. She has been busy working on new music which will be released closer to the end of 2019 or the beginning on 2020.
 She just completed work on a new music video for recently released song Quiero Sonar Mas. She chose this song because of its diversity and relatability. It’s upbeat and fun while capturing an experience not unlike those experienced by women and men around the world. She had a lot of fun on set with top industry producers, directors, and videographers from The 8A Group which is owned and operated by David Ochoa out of Dallas, Texas. David’s team has done a masterful job with Desiree’s videos and photos. They really bring her artistry to life for the consumer. Look out for her video. It will be released nationwide on all platforms. Desiree Sierra hopes to continue to inspire the world with her music and talent. There is definitely more to come with this young artist.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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