‘Elevator’ showcases a mature side of Austin Strange that leaves the listener speechless

Austin Strange is a songwriter and Pop artist from Orangeville, Ontario. His two singles ‘DRUNK’ and ‘Elevator’ have amassed a combined 400’000 views on YouTube, with thousands more streams on Apple Music and Spotify. Austin was actively involved in music in his childhood, taking various music lessons, entering (and winning) singing competitions, participating in local musical theatre productions, and spending his days singing for anyone who would listen. 

In 2007, at the age of 12, Austin first began to write music with longtime friend and neighbor Andrew McArthur. After forming a presence on Myspace as ‘Andrew and Austin’, the duo performed various local shows and wrote a vast catalogue of music, culminating with the release of ‘Can’t You See?’. The EP was 7 tracks long and was released as a physical CD; only 100 copies exist. The duo discontinued making music shortly after, but both continued to create music independently. Austin, after realizing how much his creativity resonated with people, quietly honed his craft over the next several years, releasing music only for his YouTube audience. In college, after meeting collaborators Jordan Santelli and prodvivid, Austin released his first official single, ‘DRUNK’. 

Various other projects were recorded and unofficially released between 2015-2018 on YouTube and SoundCloud. Many of these songs achieved tens of thousands of streams, laying the foundation for Austin’s growing fan base. However, despite their moderate success, many of the songs were very low fidelity and therefore much of the music from this period has since been removed. In addition to original music, Austin posted several covers on YouTube, most notably a remake of Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, which held the #1 spot on YouTube Canada’s trending page for over 24 hours and launched Austin to the top of the ReverbNation charts.

In 2019, after clearing the slate for new music to come, Austin released ‘Elevator’, a fascinating track showcasing Austin’s ability to continuously and consistently demonstrate vivid creativity throughout each and every one of his releases. The song has something so uniquely relatable and real that listeners will instantaneously connect with him on all levels. ‘Elevator’ showcases a mature side of Austin that leaves the listener speechless. 

Austin is always on the move searching for inspiration and his works are never imitative and often offer eclectic artistic proposals, something few artists can claim nowadays. The tone of his voice is distinctive and powerful, making ‘Elevator’ an undeniable hit that is impossible to resist singing along to. Speaking on the track, ‘IMPLRNT’ says “Austin Strange is new to the international pop scene, yet has all the credentials to mark his time. It’s impossible not to notice the way he hits the high notes in ‘Elevator’ and the contagious energetic vibe that comes to him so effortlessly and naturally”. Other media outlets describe the track as “infectious” (Caesar Live N Loud), “Absolutely Astonishing” (Urban Hotness), and “purely his own” (New Hit Singles). The music video has since surpassed 240’000 views on YouTube, and the song has achieved thousands of streams on all platforms.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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