Ashes brings a strong female power and a refreshingly real combination of lyricism and flow in her work

Ashes is a hip-hop artist who combines an old school flow with a new school twist to take you on a journey of tribulation, celebration, and ambition. Born into a family of musicians in California, Ashlynn Eloise Kamps became interested in music at an early age. Watching her parents and uncles create together sparked her own desire to create, and her interest quickly grew into a passion for the craft.Ashlynn moved to the Midwest with her family while she was still very young, where she developed a love for the piano, which soon helped her discover a deep love for writing. In that discovery, she found an outlet to express her pain, anger, fear, and joy in a way that was healing and rejuvenating. Creating her own musical compositions and poetry, she learned to combine the two. After many hardships and trials in her younger years , Ashlynn moved out of her family home as a teenager. At this time, she discovered freestyling as a way to cope with her situation. 

Her solo rhyming sessions soon turned into freestyle kickbacks in her duplex unit. Overheard by her neighbor and now good friend, she was convinced to record in a studio for the first time at age 14. That studio session opened her eyes and heart to a world of possibilities in artistic expression, and kindled a fire that couldn’t be put out. She was given the nickname “Ashes” by her neighbor for her “fire” lyrics and delivery, and being that it was close to her own name, it stuck. Ashes recorded her first singles in private, sharing them with close friends and family. She was featured on tracks with various artists in Kansas, Florida, and Texas, but didn’t officially release her own music until 2014, when she was 19 years old. Adrenalized by the positive feedback of people outside of her circle, she began to pursue her musical endeavors with ferocity. 
She decided to put aside the lifestyle she’d known for so long and instead use her experiences as fuel for her lyrics and delivery. Since then, Ashes has collaborated with artists and producers stretching from California to Florida, including work with D. Lynch and T-Rell. Her music can be heard in clubs and on radio stations across the country, as well as all music and streaming platforms. Ashes brings a strong female power and a refreshingly real combination of lyricism and flow in her work.. What started as her meditation and therapy has evolved into creating bass-driven songs that convey a struggle and drive that is both relatable and raw.

Ashes has been blessed with opportunities ranging from airplay to performance invitations. Her most recent prideful moment was headlining a charity event for a beloved local musician who suffered critical injury following a fatal accident. Last year, she won the “Best Performance” trophy at a local artist showcase in her city and managed to gain a new fan base as well as network with artists she would later collaborate with. She was featured in an extended interview on Jiggy Jaguar in 2018, which dove into her introduction to music and her influences in the craft. With her release of “La Vida Loca” in the summer of 2019, she received several features in blogs, channels, gaming streams, and even landed a sync-licensing opportunity. Now, she has been focusing her energy on her upcoming singles and video project. In the future, Ashes sets her goals on gaining more fans through stage presence and song genuity, and has her heart set on landing a feature with Snow the Product--one of her greatest influences.

Busy with various collaborations and mixtape projects earlier in the year,, Ashes kicked off 2019 in March with the release of her video single “Prove It” featuring Wichita’s Ictboy. The video and song gained attention for it’s “talk about it, be about it” message and it’s after-dark urban visuals. Soon after, she released her hot single “La Vida Loca”, which landed her a radio play in California, Texas, Florida, and on numerous podcasts and channels. It’s Latin vibe and upbeat tempo have been picked up by DJ’s for spins both in clubs close to home, as well as cities from Arizona to Oregon. Feeling the traction, she dropped “Give Me the Lac”-- a sharp contrast from “La Vida Loca”. Wrapped in a laid back West Coast style beat, it features smooth vocals and chill flows that are perfect for a midnight cruise. Her most recent project was a studio music video showcasing her remix of Young Thug’s “The London”, which takes on a female perspective of the song. Ashes’ newest upcoming project will be the September release of her single “In My Head” featuring Nelly’s talented artist T-Rell on the hook. This fall will include the release of new singles, collaborations with talented up-and-coming artists, and shows around the midwest. She is currently working on a new video project to be debuted later in the year, and has been focusing on a collection of works to be released in the winter.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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