Remember the Monsters a four piece rock band from Arizona

Remember the Monsters is always ready for a party while simultaneously dealing with all of life's familiar issues , and their music reflects that. Remember the Monsters has consistently evolved through roster and directional changes , with material that covers a wide range of the rock spectrum . From the hard rock, no regrets attitude of previous material to the catchy , high energy universal songs of today . But make no mistake, this is a Rock and Roll band. Though relatively low key and new to the scene, Remember the Monsters is not without their merit. From hundreds of thousands of song streams (Spotify, iTunes, etc) to millions of YouTube views across multiple fan videos ( while also introducing the band to the concept of the Anime Music Video). 

Search their hit single “The Pieces Remain" for some of arguably the coolest videos you'll ever see (especially if you're an anime fan). Marking their official emergence in 2016 , Remember the Monsters come from the majestic land of Tucson, AZ. This translates into the fiery passion and determination they have for making music and their “never say die" attitude regardless of multiple struggles and roadblocks. Dealing with everything from professional relationships gone sour, devastating live show technical malfunctions (one such instance causing the loss of an opening slot for Blink - 182), to internal member differences causing the parting of ways, Remember the Monsters is no stranger to the struggles many major bands face. This only serves to prove this band has no intentions of calling it quits anytime soon.

Lets checkout Q&A

Where are you from? Does the location have any influence on your music? 
We come from Tucson, AZ. It's hot and so are we. Kidding, but it's definitely a city drenched in sweat and local music. We've really had to tailor our music to have that big, high quality, professional sound that really stands us out from a very crowded scene. We started at the bottom of the pile and worked our asses off to get where we are today, which is still far from where we want to be. 

How would you describe your music? What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences / inspirations? 
Remember the Monsters has a very dynamic sound. From our hard rock origins to the more Pop Rock flavor of our upcoming release “Sink”, with who knows we'll fee l like doing next. Influences and inspiration range from film score composer Hans Zimmer to Mötley Crüe, 30 Seconds to Mars, Def Leppard, Arctic Monkeys. There's even some electronic influence in there. There's a little bit of something for everyone. 

What's your/the band's history? (how many albums, when they were released, how long you've been in the industry, what known and unknown bands / have you worked with) 
We're still relatively new, only having come into our own as a band in early 2016. We've only released a few singles here and there, but we have a lot of material that we hope to get out there. We think a lot of people would enjoy it. We've met and worked with well known players in the industry, one of which being the awesome producer of our new song, Matt Good of From First to Last fame. 

What's the story behind your band's name? (if applicable) Have you changed the band's name before? 
A imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening. It reminds us to never forg et all the pieces and experiences that make us who we are, good or bad. We've always been Remember the Monsters. It may also be a reference to a popular piece of media, we'll let you guys figure that one out. 

Who are the band members and how did you come together? (if applicable) When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together? 
Ashten Banks (lead guitarist): The mastermind behind this whole mess. He is the music, and isn't afraid to reach out and do what needs to be done to move this project forward. An amazing guitarist and songwriter, this wouldn't exist without him Dominic (Dom) Ruiz (rhythm guitar): The business. When he's not coordinating the releases and doing all the administration stuff you can see him going crazy and flip ping his guitar around on stage. Many of the resources and advancements made by the band can be attributed to him. Julian Comeau (Lead Vocalist): The voice. The newest addition to the team, but responsible for the new sound that sets us apart as a band. Also an accomplished songwriter/composer in his own right, definitely a pivotal member of the group. Sean Mott (Bassist): The heart. This guy has put up with BS that would make lesser bands fall apart like a Nature’s Valley crunchy granola bar. A constant source of optimism, he's the voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic undertaking

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time? 
Currently it's a tag team effort between Ashten (founder, lead guitarist) and Julian (lead vocalist). The music focuses a lot on life, relationships, experiences, just things that a lot of people can generally relate to. 

Could you briefly describe the music making process? 
It's a very lengthy process, every piece is built from the ground up. From writing the hooks and the melodies, to putting together a vocal arrangement that makes sense with the rest of what's there. Or it may start with the vocals, it depends on the song. It's like putting a bunch of different colored Legos together and when you step back you see that you've actually made something pretty cool. Then there's getting it into the hands of the right producer and people who will do it justice. 

What is the emotional core of your music? Why is it important? 
When you ask someone what's wrong and they say “Nothing”....this is that nothing. This is the stuff you can't say, the stuff you won't say. Some people call it an outlet. I guess that makes sense. It's about dealing with our issues, recognizing our flaws, and finding the strength to keep moving forward, even if we have to start from the beginning.

What can you tell me about your instruments? What made you choose the instruments you have now? Is there any quirky storie s about finding certain sounds for your recordings or live show? 
I guess the two most noteworthy instruments would be Ashten's Ibanez Prestige S series and my (Dom's) Gibson SG. We found instruments that suit our play styles, Ashten with a hard rock inspir ed, lead - centric choice and myself being a Classic Rocker at heart (plus I've always loved the Gibson SG body style). And of course Julian's amazing pipes. 

What social currency does your music carry? How do you feel it is relevant and remarkable and to whom? 
The music is pretty universal, dealing with a wide range of inescapable topics that no one is immune to. It's difficult not to relate to anything in any of our music. But we also try to just make it enjoyable to listen to, something you'll either want to reflect on our just move around to. 

Is there any perceived weaknesses about your music? (These can often be used as strengths) 
That depends a lot on feedback, everyone thinks they have something great until others tell them otherwise. It's kind of early in the game for even us to even judge. But then again isn't it a matter of opinion anyway? We're certainly open to constructive criticism, but we don't expect everyone to like our music. 

How has your music evolved since you first began p laying music together? When do you feel you hit your stride as a group/musician? 
Listen to “Romeo & Juliet” then listen to “Sink”, that alone will paint a very colorful picture. Between changing vocalists and working with a new producer the change is quit e apparent. I don't think I'll feel like I've “hit my stride” until I'm 50 playing reunion shows. As long as you continue going for forward things are going to change. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
One of the biggest challenges so far has been finding the right industry professionals to align ourselves with to produce and promote our music. We've had professional relationships as well as former bandmates not work out and have had to go back to the drawing board a couple times. That and the usual band growing pains. But we haven't stopped yet and don't intend to. 
What's your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune? What legacy would you like to leave behind? 
The ol’ Fortune and Glory would be great, but honestly we just want to make the music we like and get it to as many listeners as possible. We really feel like we have something to bring to the table and want to put out songs people can really j am out to. And if one of our songs comes on 5 years later and you don't skip it, well that's legacy enough for us.

How have fans come by your music in the past? What have they said about it? 
We do our own mini - social media campaigns and share with as many people as possible. Once Spotify picked up our first single on their Discover Weekly playlist it pretty much took off from there. Also YouTubers using our songs in videos really helped spread it around. Search “The Pieces Remain” on YouTube. If you'r e an anime fan you're in for a treat. 

What training, if any, do you/members of the band have? 
Formal training? Not very much I suppose. We all decided at one point in our lives that we wanted to make music, play an instrument, be a rockstar, be famous. You use that motivation, that's your training. You play along with your favorite songs, you experiment here and there. That's the great thing about making music, you don't need a degree in anything to make something out of it. I think Dom took piano less ons once in Middle School. 

How do you work together to create one sound? (if applicable) 
There's a lot of bouncing back and forth. What works, what doesn't work. A lot of the work is actually shared, no one person is responsible for everything. 

Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations? 
We are completely independent. We register with Performing Rights organizations and Digital Distributors, but we work independently or with key individuals and pay out of pocket for everything. The control is nice, we do what we want when we want. The limited resources not so much. But it only goes to show that you don't need to “breakout” or “get signed” to get somewhere with your music. 

Where did you record your latest single, and why? 
We recorded our latest single in Phoenix, AZ with Matt Good (From First to Last). Location played a factor as we were based in AZ, but Matt is definitely a big name in the industry and we were lucky to have access to him. 

What's a live show like for you/the band? 
We keep our performances engaging and high energy. We don't want to have to tell the crowd to bring it forward, get moving, or rock out. The music should just do that. We want people to have fun, just like we are. 

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows? 
We've performed multiple venues local and one or two not so local. We're definitely not selling out stadiums yet, but hopefully one day. Our early local shows were great, nothing beats jumping into the crowd and flipping your guitar around (and nearly smashing the venue's mirror wall) 

What's the best thing about being in the industry? What's the worst? 
The best thing about being in the music business is doing what you love, getting the chance to meet some of the musicians you admire. They say “Don't Meet Your Heroes”, but the experi ence has always been great, or at least enlightening. The worst part is putting so much of yourself, your time and energy and resources into it and hitting a brick wall. Because you just hit it that much harder. But when you're able to get back up and keep going it makes the rewards that much better. Which is another item for the best list. 

How are you adapting to the changes in the music industry? 
We're definitely adapting more to the Digital/ Social Age. The way music gets around these days is very different than 5 - 10 years ago. Back then the music industry really took risks with the music, these days it's all social media following and popularity. We're trying to adjust while still putting out the kind of music we enjoy making.

What awards or recognition have you received from the industry (i.e. songwriting awards, best new artist, airplay, or press etc) 
Nothing formal, but we feel like we've got decent streams and views for a band in our position. Especially a completely independent band that's paying for and pushing everything themselves. It's not much, but it's honest work.

What is your day job (if applicable)? 
Dom: Well I'm fortunate enough to have a very great job that's provided the resources to help push this project forward. (I actually coordinated the release and promotion of our single “Sink” while on a 3 week business trip in India). I work for a major electronics company, let's just say it's one many are familiar with and leave it at that.

What other interests do you have outside of music? 
Videogames. We have several big gamers in the group. Dom and Sean are big into working out and hitting the gym. There's a fairly diverse mix of interests. We also enjoy hanging out , throwing a few back and having a good time.

What special gifts do you as a group have to offer the world besides yo ur music? (ie. Perspectives, charity, service, unique talent, intentions)
 ... I'll buy you a beer? We don't pretend to be anything more than what we are, a ragtag bunch of guys trying to make some tasty jams. We're not out here trying to save the world, but if the future grants us the opportunity to make a difference we won't pass it up.

What do you feel separates you from all the other bands/artists in your genre in the market today? Why? 
I feel the biggest difference is if you listen to the music it's hard to imagine we're independent. We've reached out to numerous indie outlets that don't think we have that inside sound. Which is good I suppose, but we're definitely doing this all ourselves with the services of very talented people. No label, no management.

Will you be creating physical CD’s or is this a strictly digital release? 
This is primarily a digital release. While vinyl is making a comeback, we still feel physical releases have slowed down quite a bit. If we get enough requests to the contrary we'll definitely revisit that hypothesis.

Any last words? Anything unique or different about your background/band? 
We worked very hard to get this song out to everyone and hope you all enjoy it as much as we do, and as much as we enjoyed making it. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and say hello, or let us know what you think of the song.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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