The Swinging Chads musical Journey of 40 years

Randall Mcgowan and Norman Collins began this musical journey over 40 years ago playing music together in various bands all through the San Francisco Bay Area.We both had strong vocal abilities and a huge list of covers to draw from.In 2013 .Mcgowan landed a steady gig at The Tuscany Eatery in Downtown Napa ,California.Three nights a week  with a few friends adding the song list to be altered at every performance.Everything was going so well ,until Mcgowan was stricken with throat cancer.After a year of not having a voice,but still able play bass.
The miracle of healing through many prayers and a great doctor at UC San Francisco ,a new third act had begun. A great friend ;Ken Ingels, joined to play drums and Johnny Young on Guitar.Russian River Records released :"With The Swinging Chads' in 2015.All new songs written by Mcgowan and Collins were now in the in world of 21st Century music distribution.In 2018 a new Album ;"bringing The Heat " was released with Producer Stephen Sea on board to take the songs to a higher level of Soundscaping.

As 2019 health in Mcgowan's Life changed drastic with Congenital Heart Failure changing the life style and a limit to performance .Collins lost His Wife to ALS,as well.The awards did start piling up for the band. 3 number one songs on XR Radio .4 best song awards from Akademia.The Band is working on a new video this fall and more gigs are being added to the calender .Mcgowan and Collins still writing new songs plan on a visit to the studio this winter ,to have third Swinging Chads Record ready for release.A Greatest Hits Vinle Release on Russian River Records is planned for release 2020.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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