The music created so far by RJLYSS combines different musical concepts and genres, bringing true emotion, character, and difference to his audiences.

Who is RJLYSS ?
RJLYSS, pronounced (are-jay-lyss) is a new music producer bringing the world something truly unique. His main style of music is EDM, however, there seems to be a variety of music in his music collection including symphonic, ambient and other great styles. The music created so far by RJLYSS combines different musical concepts and genres, bringing true emotion, character, and difference to his audiences. In fact, RJLYSS had never been seen before until now, google created an information panel all about RJLYSS because the internet had no definition for him. One can reach the panel by simply googling his name. RJLYSS’s identity isn’t very well known, in fact, he only presents himself as a battlemage to the public, before that, he was simply just a logo and song pictures. 

Recent image updates depict him with a cloak, fingerless gloves and a sword. Unable to see the face of this new composer, it’s hard to say at the present where his identity will evolve. Rumor has it he will eventually have actual armor to accompany his cloak. As for his sword, it’s said he will have one custom made. Truly a different approach to the stage. Perhaps a rare spectacle any have seen in a long time. One could ask questions such as, “what kind of a person is he? What goals or dreams does this new artist have?” Well, since he’s the one writing this, he’ll be glad to share.
How RJLYSS Came to Be ? (Origin)
I started out shortly after graduating high school in 2013, not sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to college or not. I still remember my favorite artists at the time. Avicii, BassHunter, F-777, Skrillex, Flo Rida, Italo Brothers, and many other great artists who shaped how we listen to EDM, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep today.

I was a gamer, no surprise for my generation, just having fun with some friends on Steam group chat and somehow the topic of music production came up. LoudCore, who is a sound engineer and video game music producer, was in that chatroom. His title sounded awesome to me, in my barely 18-year-old mind this was my thought, “How sweet would it be to make music for video games. Dream career!” I asked LoudCore how he makes music, and he shared a few places I could go to get some tools to start producing. What I didn’t realize, was it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to actually produce. In short, I started out as ThatEmptySpace, making music for about a year. 

My first songs were bad, but I showed potential and I stuck with it. Already having a natural talent in music made it easier for composition purposes, but the complexity of the software was overwhelming. Not liking my stage name, I came up with a better one, HybridSoundz. That was a name that was easy to pronounce, remember, etc. Reaching my second year in making music I started gaining an audience. Not a far reach, no career makers yet, but I continued to produce because at this point, I simply enjoyed it, and so did my listeners. But something was still off, and the production got harder now that I had more knowledge. I didn’t have my own logo at the time, and my stage name was still a little too complex and not easily remembered, nor imprinted. 

So, I fashioned a new one, only this time, I had my own logo. RJLYSS became my new image in 2018. Years of self-teaching and struggles have made my music what it is today in 2019. Still, I am ever climbing the skill tree, gaining recognition and adoring fans. Also, the constant learning of new methods, practices, and sounds continues to expand. The new exposure I have received has made me think of a title for my fans. As well as a self-image. I decided that Lyssians sounded like a strong name for my fans. What is unique about this name, is it’s a similar sounding name from the era of knights. As for my image, its unique of itself and probably never seen before. At least to my knowledge. My image is a battlemage, consisting of armor, cloak and sword. This is how RJLYSS came to be, and it doesn’t stop here. I even have a few ideas for magic.

What separates RJLYSS from other grand musicians?
For many or any other musician out there, we all share one thing in common. We have a passion and express our passions, emotions, and thoughts through our music. Call it a subtle message so to speak. However, our method of transference is different. What separates me from other grand musicians? My music itself, and my image. It has a non-likeness to it, something, you as a listener, haven’t ever heard nor seen before. In comparison to other songs, images and genres, mine is new and unique of itself. The way I look, and the way my music sounds, feels, and the thoughts I inspire are what separates me from the rest. These are the foundations of what shapes the music world, and how we listen and see it.
Remixes and other songs are not listed but they can be found on my pages, reason for not listing them is that I don’t have complete copyright permissions to advertise them. Because, they are not all my original works. Nevertheless, they are great tracks. His original works, which are listed, are of his own production. No pre made loops or melodies/harmonies of any kind are used. I prefer to use all my own beats, melodies and harmonies.

What’s to Come?
I have many more projects that haven’t been completed. Every day I have more ideas, and new projects that come to mind. So, to put an old saying to light, “the train doesn’t stop here folks.” I will continue my course, reaching new heights, and expanding new shores. I, like many other artists, have ambition to attain the holy grail at the end of the road no one can see.
I do not know what events will unfold in the coming years as a music producer. Perhaps nothing awaits me, but I know I have potential. I will keep reaching for that potential, and someday, I will stand out from the rest. I, as many others, have challenges, we simply push through them and don’t give up. This is my ambition and perspective. I’d like to personally thank my Lyssians, and any who are reading this who have never heard of me, I hope all is well in your life, and hope things will get better, remember, music connects us all. If I have struck curiosity, I urge you to google RJLYSS and learn more about me and listen to my works. I am always willing to receive and give criticism. Dance onward Lyssian.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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