The ever so talented Perry Stevens is not just an artist. He is a person with a unique background story and someone who has been passionate about making great music for decades now.

Perry Stevens is a singer and songwriter with a very rich musical history and a fascinating background. He is a true veteran of the music scene, and he has been in the game for quite some time. However, he recently came back after quite a few years, and he has been releasing a string of well-received songs inspired by the sounds of yesteryear but with a more modern vibe as well. He had his start in the 60s and went on to become a professional night club singer in the 70s. However, he decided to take a step back and focus on his family. As you all might know, working as a professional musician might often require some extensive touring and a lot of traveling. 

This means that Perry would have had to leave his family behind, and he didn’t feel like leaving his wife alone. He made the choice to be- come a family man, but he never lost sight of his passion for music. Fast forward to to- day, and Perry is back in the game, giving his best performances ever and, more importantly, capturing a new generation of fans. In particular, he has inspired many younger listeners, craving that old-school sound and that nostalgic retro feel, inspired by the best vintage rock and Americana. Perry is back on the scene with yet another brand new release: “Sunrise Blues.” This song is particularly amazing, because it has a perfect combination of exciting hooks, beautiful sonic aesthetics and a great arrangement. The song begins with a melodic introduction, allowing the mood to set in. Soon after, the verses fall in, establishing the song’s structure and dynamic energy. During the choruses, this is exactly when the song reaches its emotional and intensity apex. 

Perry’s vocals are as intense and passionate as ever, showcasing his deep penchant for an authentic storyteller act, and sending positive vibes to the audience. Perry focuses on creating edgy songs, with a love for different influences. His most re- cent studio release, Sunrise Blues, is a combination of country, Americana, and even rock, making for a unique and highly rewarding combination of styles that keep the attention span of the listener high. His most recent single release is a beautiful track titled “Soldier’s Story.” With every new song, it seems that this artist is setting the bar higher in terms of performance and production alike. Perry spoiled us once again with his charming and beautiful retro arrangements, but this time he has developed and even more defined tone. 
The topic of this song is emotionally powerful. In fact, it is the story of a soldier, and it does not just follow a character, but also gives the audience a perspective on some of the harsh realities of war and all of the effects that it can have on individuals on either side of the conflict. After all, we are all humans, and it doesn’t matter which side we fight for, we all feel the same emotions and traumas in relation to being at war. The song begins with some soundbites taking the listener to a war zone, and the song soon morphs into a touching, darker ballad with a strong set of lyrics. The song reflects on the ugliness of war, but it also shows the human side of it: people being afraid, as well as pondering on the experiences that they are forced to face on the reality of the battlefield. One of the most amazing aspects of Perry’s creative vision is definitely the fact that he uses his songs to tell powerful stories, and share something that’s truly amazing with his audience. I think this is actually one of the reasons why his music is in countering such positive feedback and such success even with younger listeners. 

In other words, today’s music can be a little bit shallow, and it might lack substance. There are not many songs that have an actual storyline or characters that you can relate to as well as a deeper meaning to connect with. By contrast, but really stands out about Perry’s music is most definitely the fact that he puts a lot of thought into creating something that will entice and engage listeners. His music is excellent in terms of production, but also in terms of lyrics writing. This is definitely the case with this particular single as well because everything is extremely well-produced, and there are so many incredible details making the song really special. Perry’s music feels kind of timeless. 

He has learned valuable lessons from some of the best songwriters in the whole world, including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and many others. His vocals have a beautiful crooning vibe to them, which makes me think of iconic singers such as Elvis Presley. What happens if you combine all of these iconic styles together? Perry Stevens! His career as a professional singer goes way back when he first started rocking the club scene. He took some time off and decided not to pursue a touring musician career so that he could focus on his family and be there, but now he is as motivated and inspired as ever. The audience’s response to his new music has been absolutely mind-blowing, prompting the artist to release more songs consistently.

Would you please share a brief synopsis of your 30 year music journey? If you could walk us through your music-related journey from the start to present, what are some of the most notable facets of your life as a artist? 
I had a band back in the early 60s and sang for many high-school functions. I wrote all my lyrics and even the music. I loved to sing, and I started as early as 13. From 1969, I was drafted and served my country in Vietnam until 1971. From 1972-1981 I was a singer at Pasadena’s number one night club. It was a French restaurant during the day and a hot night club and music venue in the evening. I started singing there, and I was eventually hired to perform every Friday and Sunday. That was one of my most memorable years. The night club’s ratings soared, and even the Los Angeles Times was there because of all the fans I drew! I was offered many contracts and refused them because I wanted to focus on my career as a doctor and become a chemist. Then, in February 1974, I met my wife at the club, just after I finished a song by Elvis Presley called “Steam Roller Blues.” We got married in 1977, and I decided to quit singing to be home, and have a good married life with kids. As you know, a singing career requires a lot of traveling, even today. I thought that not being home wouldn’t be good for my wife and children, so I wanted to be there, provided for my family, and my children’s education, including their college. Then in 2016, I joined a Karaoke app and started to go back to singing and get my voice back as it once was. I accumulated over 17,638 Fans over three years. All my fans kept asking me why I do not go public again with my music. I thought about it and said, hey, why not! The kids are out of the house now, so I have time to go back to what I love. To sing and write songs with meaning that folks can relate to! The first song I released and was loved by all was “Hot Lava.” Old sounds of the Rock-n-Roll era, but all new. This was in November of 2018. Since then, I have released over 20 songs. My fans are so happy, and I am too, of course, to be able to regenerate my style and class of music that has been lost. 

Compared to when you started music career some decades ago, is it easier or harder to be a musician in 2019? 
Today the music career is really harder in some ways and easier in some others, compared to 30 years ago. For instance. It is easier to release your own songs, but so much harder to earn a living cause streaming took the bite out of re - cord sales that artists depended on many years ago. 

At what point did you realize you had talent as a musician and potential to make songs? Did anyone help you at that point? 
I realized my singing and song - writing potential at an early age of 10. I used to write lyrics and hum my own tunes. It was natural for me, and I realized my God-given talent in my teens. Nobody helped me in this adventure, but the big man upstairs opened doors for me, which for I am very grateful and humbled by the blessings God gave me.

Who have you been listening to recently that inspires you both in creatively and personally? 
Michael Buble is really just an outstanding singer. I love his style, and the lyrics are awesome. Another singer that is awesome to this day is Joan Baez. Her songs are timeless. Growing up, I loved Bobby Darin, Elvis, Bobby Vinton, Johnny Cash, Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Paul Anka, and Bobby Bare, who I still love to this day. All these singers influenced me to make the kind of music I write and sing today. Music with solid meaning, where fans can relate to! 

What’s the most important song you’ve written at this stage in your career? What makes it so meaningful to you? 
The most important song is so hard for me to pick as they all have different meanings. To me, it would be Diary and Mama Don’t You know. Diary shows everyone not that your spouse will die one day as all die, but to cherish each other, do things together, so when the time comes to part you won’t have to say I should have, would have. Mama Don’t You Know is an Anti Drug song to make mothers aware of what their kids are doing socially before it is too late.

Why you have decided to go for the solo music? Do you believe in band? 
I went solo, as it is easier for me to produce and write lyrics and songs. It’s great to have a band, but at this stage of my life, with all the technology really is not necessary. Now that does not mean that one day, I will not have a band. I think going solo was a great idea to move forward quicker, with no time pressure.

There’s for sure an Eternal vibes coming through on your latest Album “American Tango! Eternal Love!” What’s the back story to this project? What makes it particularly special for you? 
American – Tango is very special to me. This song exactly depicts my Latin American wife that I have been married to now for 42 years. My first Latin dance was with her. She is a really good dancer in Tangos, Mambas, especially Cumbia. You know, my wife sings so beautify as well that when she sang at our wedding reception which was at an Italian restaurant, La Vie En Rose located in Little Neck, New York the cooks came out crying when she sang Flores Rutas, (Red Flowers). It is my wife that brought out the best in me to be where I am today.

Eternal Love!” (and you do!), which ones would they be and why? 
American-Tango, Vagabond, Black Silk are my biggest highlights of American – Tango Eternal Love.

What does the next page in your career trajectory look like? What does the rest of this year and the start of 2020 look like for you? 
My trajectory for the upcoming year looks very rosy. I will come out with more songs and do a few concerts around the US and Canada. I am also looking to promote my music to the film industry.

As a songwriter, is there a particular song concept or message that you’ve been honing in on or excited about that you can’t wait to share? 
Like Hot-Lava was a taste of what I am capable of in bringing back the old RockN-Roll sounds with a new twist. I found out that most young people today are sick and tired of not having music like in the old day. How do I know this? Because a lot of my fans today are college kids that are regressing to old-style music! I am the singer that will be remembered in doing just that. Bring it back, all the way back. God Bless!

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