Catching up with BIOCARBON13 and are synth-wave and retro wave the same thing?

If you ask BIOCARBON13, IGor, it can be. BIOCARBON13 is a Chicago based band influenced by a wide range of music, combining elements of industrial, electronic, synth-wave and EBM, BIOCARBON13 is not easy to pigeonhole. Their live performances and videos are also highly retro-waved influenced by video games & Japanese anime, peppered with a bit of nihilistic future doomsday scenarios that seem to be more in line with today’s headlines. Over the years BIOCARBON13 has had a revolving cast of live musicians supporting IGor in his quest to bring BIOCARBON13's dark themed, synth-wave live show with their “in-your-face” imagery and persuasive political topics to the stage. For various live shows, IGor and BIOCARBON13 have included: Claudia C. Claudia (synths), DJ Satanic Hispanic (synths and percussion) of DSBP's Critical System Error and Aviatrix on Fire, DJ Maleficio Nauj (synths and percussion) of Critical System Error, Jonathan Ian (live drums) of Cruciform Injection and Whore in Babalon fame and most recently Adam McKinstry of Authors of Decadence. 
IGor Jefe (Vocals and Programming) formed BIOCARBON13 in early 2002 and released their debut LP "Escape from Happiness." Since that time, IGor and BIOCARBON13 followed a rigorous release schedule that has seen them release a total of twelve albums and also to have appeared in all four editions of the highly touted Negative Impact series.

BIOCARBON13's 2009 album "Sparta" produced what many consider to be their best song, "Burn Baby Burn" While 2010 saw the release of the epic "Dreadnought" album which contained nineteen adrenalin pumping tracks including both full and instrumental versions of the songs explicitly mixed for dance floor dominance. BIOCARBON13 went international with IGor's creative juices spilling forth the opus "Cyberkraft". Cyberkraft is BIOCARBON13’s first full album written and sung in their native tongue: Russian. “I wanted to try something different and to write in Russian fit with the harsh EMB beats, lyrics, and mood I was in,” IGor reminisced. Cyberkraft also contained twelve remixes from various international artists such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic, Sultz, PSIN, and Chicago's Suture Self. "Cyberkraft" has garnered critical praise from reviewers for BIOCARBON13 as a band that has come into its own.
Fast-forward to 2015 and the release of “Toxic Dreams” and the lead track, “Passion of Villans.” The track and album have a hybrid of electronic, techno, EBM and anything else you want to put in the mix, accompanied by a video homage to one of rock history’s most celebrated couple you either love or hate: Sid & Nancy. 2018 brought us “RE#BC13” nine previously released tracks remixed. “My sound has evolved and matured, and I wanted to take the nine most popular tracks from my past releases and bring them up to date with my new sound,” IGor commented. BIOCARBON13 is back in 2019 with a new album release: “Nexus.” This album has synth-wave sound with plenty of danceable tracks that will satisfy the retro wave fans, while the unique sound will bring in new fans that will enjoy the updated music, in a masterful blend of retro and modern. The visuals in both the cover and videos for Nexus continue with stylized videos and live shows blending what BIOCARBON13 has been producing for fans over the years. “The album cover for Nexus is a painting by one of my artists' friends, Catalin Ilinca who has collaborated on different BIOCARBON13 album covers”. “This particular image reminded me of the movie Blade Runner, and both the image and movie were in my thoughts when I was writing the songs and music for NEXUS.”

BIOCARBON13 previously released the singles “Danger Lil Stranger” and “Pygmalion” earlier this year and will continue to tour in support of the new album NEXUS. NEXUS is available now through all major digital distributors.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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