The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown has earned a multi-platinum plaque for Afro Rock Grooves

Welcome to the world of The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown, the talented singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-talented instrumentalist from Miami, Florida. As an artist, Moonshyne Brown has performed in over 500 shows and festivals, including the Vibe Magazine Festival, with over 50K concert-goers in attendance. His beginnings as a high school drum major and also as a member of the elite Florida A&M University "Marching 100", his illustrative music career spans nearly 3 decades.  His personal discography includes four studio album releases of his own: Negro American, High as the Moon, Carol City, and Moonshyne Brown Presents: Fast Lane. His musical résumé includes cinema scores and 6 song placements in all of Rob Hardy’s Sony Pictures: Pandora’s Box, Motives, The Escorts, Stomp the Yard, Two Can Play That Game, and the sequel, Three Can Play That Game. His raw and soulful music styling has been described as a hybrid mash-up of Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, and André 3000, but his sound is fresh, eclectic, and all his own. 
A music buff and fanatic himself, he has been molded by his idols: Fishbone, Bob Marley, Sly Stone, B. B. King, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, & Peter Tosh to name a few. As a prolific music producer, The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown has earned a multi-platinum plaque for his work on Ludacris’ Red Light District album and a platinum plaque for his music on Curtis Mayfield’s last studio album, New World Order. His production work extends to several other projects and independent artists: Rimidi (Stone Cold, album), Billboard Bear (“Superstar”, track), and The Sober Junkie (Sacred Land, album). 

The music group Dangerflow and their album, Win Lose or Die, features his production work on “Loud”, which was used in a frequent recurring TV placement on ESPN’s First Take. Adding another dimension to his artistry, Moonshyne Brown is also the creator and curator for the popular monthly South Florida events “Electrik Circus” & “Vibrate Higher”; both showcasing Afro Rock, Live Art, Film, and Eclectic Fashion. To his awards credit, Moonshyne Brown was nominated by The Recording Academy for a coveted Grammy Award twice. His international impact led to being nominated for a Malaysian Indie Award in two categories in 2012: Best Rock Vocalist and Best Rock Song. In 2013, Brown became a celebrity guest judge for the Southeast Asia Indie Artist Awards. His popular Blog Talk Radio Show, Anti-Robot Radio, has hosted many legendary and award-winning guests: Fishbone, Sleepy Brown (Dungeon Family, OutKast), Dionne Farris, Shafiq Husayn, and many more. 
The deeply engaging and informative show quickly made the podcast one of Blog Talk’s feature shows. Stretching out into a different branch of entertainment, Brown became a Creative Content Consultant for Rockstar Games’ newest Grand Theft Auto installment in 2018. His latest single, “Numb” featuring Pete Sands (Paramount Pictures Yellowstone) and Melton Mustafa, is available for streaming on all music platforms now. He is indeed The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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