Alessia Raisi the Italian Rocker who is Rocking all around the World

The Italian Rocker Artist number 1 in China ready to release soon her Album in English, Spanish, Italian and other languages...

Alessia Raisi is a Pop Rock singer based in Shanghai. The interesting thing is that she is Italian and she writes and sings her songs in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi and Italian of course. She told us about her Musical history that is really touching. As many musicians, her love for music started when she was very young. First she started to learn to play piano but shortly she started to express herself with her voice. And as many other she started to sing with local bands playing gigs all around in her region. She had enough for making a living from singing, but her education was not in tune with this kind of life and bit after bit she had to find herself a “real work”. Singing always remained her big love and she had also opportunities to collaborate with famous Italian artists like Paolo Conte, Gianni Morandi, Vasco Rossi and Adriano Celentano. But the day she accepted to be transferred to Shanghai for work she felt that all the music was done.
She told us that indeed this was the really kick start for her musical career. “It took me little time to be used to the new life. When I started to go out with new friends we often went to KTV (Karaoke) that are so popular on this side of the world. I listened to some amazing Chinese Pop Rock songs and I wanted to sing on that. I started sing in Chinese very soon. And I found that people was so attracted to see a foreigner singing these songs”. The day she participated to a singing contest was the real game changer: that night she won the contest. “I remember I was so busy with my work that I was near to forget I had to go to that contest. I arrived just in time to step on the stage and sing. Just after the announcement of my victory some person came to me and signed me for some live events all around China. In a couple of years making my work and continue to sing around China went very heavy so I decided to stop with my work.”

During that time Alessia developed a musical project that led her to be nominated as “Music Ambassador” for China and Italy. She is making a cultural bridge between Italian and Chinese music by adapting Italian songs to Chinese and Chinese songs to Italian, Spanish and English. “Don’t ask me why, but I go crazy for languages. Singing my own songs for anyone who wants to listen is producing me an unsurpassable pleasure. So I’ve packed all this together and naturally came out this idea to be a Cultural bridge between cultures and languages”.

Alessia’s influences span along her lifetime. “When I was very young I was loving dance music and I loved to mimic the style of Madonna. But growing up I started to love to sing Aretha Franklin’s songs. Time after time I was more attracted by rock music. I love Alanis Morissette” This is why you can hear the blend of many styles inside her songs.

At the moment Alessia wrote and released 3 songs in Chinese. This small EP is named Alessia’s Journey (in Chinese). She also just released one of these songs in Italian with small changes in the arrangement and the sound. “I wrote this song during a flight between Beijing and Shanghai. I wanted to express the love to my country and compare it to the emotions I’m living now so far away. I called it ITALIA”.
She is continuously doing Live shows all round the World: 29th September she presented her first Spanish Album in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and 3rd October in Mar Del Plata (Argentina). On 17th October she presented her first Italian Album in different cities in Italy: Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rimini, etc. She will release before the end of this year her second Chinese EP, her Spanish Album in Spanish language end of September and within February 2020 her first English EP. Middle of 2020 she will release her first EP in Arabic language and she will perform at Dubai Expo (UAE). She is Rocking the world !

In October of 2015, at the Milan World Expo, she sang the Chinese version of “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)” in the 3 Chinese Pavilions. On March 2018 in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Alessia took part at "The Voice" program. On June 2018 she was the first foreigner who sang the “China National Anthem” in front of the Chinese Government in Shanghai.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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