Sean Houston was on his own but ready to fly with new ideas and new sounds

Sean first broke out into the scene in his late 20s always with a passion for writing poetry , Sean won poetry contests coming first and second place with awards and published books, Sean always new there was dream for more than just poetry, Sean recalls one afternoon on the phone to a friend with music playing in the background while his friend on the other end of the phone miles away reading through some poetry of Sean’s, while his friend read, Sean started humming some tunes to himself.. and then with just a power of a suggestion and thought this is how it all started for Sean Houston. Sean’s late friend who past away before Sean released his first album, may he Rest In Peace suggested that Sean do more with himself and start writing songs start to learn to sing, 

Sean had never thought of doing This be was to shy and embarrassed but with so much creativity running through him he would stop at nothing to try and make something of himself in the forever changing music industry, like most Sean has so many amazing artists he looks up to, Sean tells it’s not always bout the music it’s about the individual artist and the struggles they endure to be a success.. but fame can’t always be measured by success it comes from hard work and dedication and knowing never stop at the word no!
Sean Houston as an artist understands all to well how hard it is to be recognized as an artist these days, as our world is always changing just as our music industry will continue to change. Sean knows one thing for sure even though he may get a lot of knock backs but it won’t stop him from doing what he loves most, to create, write, sing and record, the hunger will forever be in Sean Houston’s blood, Sean Houston understands everyone has their own tastes in music he will always try to create a little bit of something for everyone.

Sean tells me that every album and every song has its own story, while listening to some of Sean’s music I smile and laugh with delight at some of the lyrics and I ask the story behind the song,. Many interesting chapters of his life I for one look forward to hearing more about Sean Houston as his career and music develops.

Sean Houston recalls the last few years he has seen his music grow and develop and change, in all areas , creativity and style and vocal ability it has all been a self taught endeavor for Sean with small successes here and there, Sean was contracted to a record label in 2014 but after one year the label went into bankruptcy. So again Sean was on his own but ready to fly with new ideas and new sounds Sean says he was born with music in his blood and knows its the only thing he wants to do in life.

Sean recaps there was a time when he was about to give it all away because he couldn't get his voice back after Pneumonia. Months of recovery and training his vocals again Sean was ready to give up music for good. Another friend of Sean’s begged him not to give it up so sean pushed and pushed himself through it and his kept going till this day. Sean Says “there won’t be a time that where he will ever look back! Music for Sean is the life blood that runs deep within his veins, without it? Sean says he could not exist.”
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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