“Meeks Major” Is An Upcoming Artist Fresh Out Of The 845 Area Of Upstate Kingston NY

Since 8th grade Isaiah Major Meeks started out by just having a love for music and joking around wit friends at the  lunch table freestyling As he grew Into His senior year he took music more serious and took piano class and at that moment Because he wanted to produce music at first,  but then He fell in love with becoming a artist as a whole. After High school He went on to college at Monroe University In New Rochelle. Previously Of that his older brother and friends died In A tragic car crash at the hands of a selfless driver. Meeks Tried To Complete His First Semester But Ended Up Coming Home from college and told one of his close friends that he wants to go all the way with his music and craft. 
2017 MEEKS major released his first mixtape titled “straight from the H” his first project  was a minor success in his eyes,but to others it was an impressive outlook and a big influence to the youth of his community. Since the start of 2018 MEEKS continued to work and grow a fan base and sound that then lead to more visuals shot by stickytheshooter, MEEKS currently released his First Ep Titled P’s and Q’s” (prod by Q The Beat Maker) Which Is OUT NOW ON ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS (Apple tidal Spotify) Meeks Will Currently Be Taking His Talents State To State & will be releasing his second mixtape mid February Titled “The Killa In Me”.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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