A History of Events: second album release from Haivyn

Haivyn: A History of Events is available now on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and just about anywhere else for streaming and download. A physical CD album is only available via Amazon and CD Baby. Coming at you from all angles, all perspectives of the Rock genres, exploding in combinations that will hit all emotions. Haivyn has been experimenting and colliding styles again to complete their second album called ‘A History of Events’. Right off the bat you will wonder what exactly you are getting yourself into with the first song off the record called ‘Fin’. You will literally have no clue what is next until the next song shocks your expectations. Haivyn’s songs and styles can be unique and not just another rock album where you can identify exactly who the band is into. Experimenting with multiple combinations of Punk through Grunge, Alternative to Metal plus many surprises, the end result is theatrical and torrid. Haivyn ‘A History of Events’ will make you wonder and feed your imagination of what one group can do and how they came up with their sound.

Raised in Los Angeles, Guitarist Dave Paredes and original bassist Richard Dominguez started in a hardcore band in the late 90’s combining all things Primus and Deftones with an enraged singer Martin Garcia and Marty Garcia on drums pounding away making this Primus/Deftones combo meet right down the middle. The band ultimately had a short run, Dave and Richard would step away from that band to start something completely different. The idea of Haivyn had begun with the recruitment of Denise “Joy” on vocals and Marty Garcia back on drums. Haivyn was born and blowing minds performing all around the L.A. area with the concept to mix instruments that barely met during a song. Battling guitar and bass all the way through a melodic song without it sounding like everyone is trying to show off. Over the years the band line-up changed with the arrival of David Styx Vazquez on drums and some bass players stepping in and out. The songs are theatric, slower, and more storytelling with the metal punch it needs to climax any good story. Denise has a voice that ranges from softly soothing to angrily scratchy and intimidating, all of which gives Haivyn’s music a wonderful edge.
Elegantly blending tempos, instruments, and voices, Haivyn isn’t afraid to try something outside the box and doesn’t let itself be defined by one single genre. Vocals and instrumentation are all rock-solid, alternative, progressive and appealing. You will literally see in your mind what you hear when you listen to Haivyn. Haivyn is on to something here.

Some might say she's intimidating, and others admiringly call her the perfect example of a strong rock femme. Denise Joy’s booming bravado voice reminiscent of a punk-coated Janis switches on a dime to a clean powerful, yet feminine and uplifting tone that lathers listeners. Denise's octave range is self- created. As a kid, Mariah Carey Karaoke was her vocal coach. She gives this credit for her ability to reach her high angelic notes. Denise's lyrical writing style reflects real-life stories written from a common denominator view. Her lyrics are what deeply connect her to fans. Each song experienced and delivered with tailor-made messaging personalized for its specific listener. As dark as some songs might sound to the ear, listeners receive Denise’s innate nurturing way that lifts them up and gets them thinking. Her love of sound shows with how her voice dances or holds steady within the music, sometimes following, sometimes not.

What exactly is Dave Paredes doing with that guitar sound and how did he come up with those out of bound ideas? He plays with no traditional rule breaking; breaking the rules of ‘Breaking the Rules’. Live shows always end with the question from some musician in the crowd asking ‘How did you come up with that?’ ‘Who are your influences?’ Well the influences are everything from sounds from a Godzilla Movie to a Horror flick type noise, to imagined hip hop samples and tweaks, and a blender full of all rock progressions. Also writing and recording bass on some tunes, Dave is on to something here with dominant, fluid guitar supporting the edgy voice of Denise.

David Styx Vazquez would eventually replace former members and step in right where they left off. Styx added an entirely new level of power and followed through with Haivyn’s formula to interweave music styles. His ability to enhance the song, the vocals, and instrumentation makes him the perfect drummer and bassist on some recordings.
Though Haivyn was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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