Jackie DeSouza “Born to Fly”

At With the support of her grandmother who raised her, she understood exactly the type of music she wanted to sing and create music that makes a difference. In 2012 after years of cultivating her craft, honing her skills, doing repeated open mics and receiving many empty promises, she answered a craigslist ad for a write by the name of Alexander Perls who wanted to record dance/electronic music and he needed a singer. In his small studio she recorded about 8 songs which were ultimately charted in countries she had yet to visit...some of the producers that featured me were Spencer & Hill (Back in the Love), Phunk Investigation (This Holiday) and Nick Jay (Bad Habit). That’s when she first realized she could actually get paid for singing and although the royalty checks weren’t massive, they were enough to motivate her to focus on her own writing, singing and career goals.
In early 2015, Jackie decided it was time to release her own project. The collection of songs was indicative of where she was in life. The song topics ranged from faith, perseverance, hope, giving back, and just living life. It wasn’t until she gave if herself fully and embraced who she was as a singer and writer that she was able to see the return she was looking for, making an impact with positive music. That collection of songs garnered her ability to publish and license her own music with the largest production house in North America ((APM) which is a subsidiary of Sony ATV. Jackie’s music has been utilized hundreds upon hundreds big times in various television shows and films. Most recently it’s been featured on How To Get Away With Murder(ABC), SCANDAL(ABC), LA To Vegas(FOX), E News Live, the feature film The Miseducation Of Cameron Post(HBO) and major televised sports for NBA, PGA and MLB. And it’s all because she made a decision to take a risk to only sing and write the music that truly represents who she is.

In 2017, Jackie broadened her horizons by traveling and performing abroad and touring for months at a time in France, London, and Tokyo. During this time she also added acting to her resume. As it is for anything you really want, you have to work hard and it isn’t always easy. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she spent countless hours doing background work and accepting small roles on shows such as Empire, Luke Cage, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, Younger, Black List, wherever she could. In her view it was all part of the journey and it was well worth it, and sure enough after a year of grueling background work she was featured on two popular music based shows “THE GETDOWN” (Netflix)and “ THE BREAKS”(VH1) she was invited to join the Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA. Now with her musical and acting resume solidified, she was ready to enter the next phase of her career.

Jackie’s new musical project “FLY” is a true reflection of her life and career. Her life has been a series of highs and lows but through it all she broke through. This project is really a way of encouraging others to do the same. She wants to encourage those who are afraid of taking risks, going through tough situations but long to take a leap of faith. This song is meant to inspire them not to settle and to live out their dreams.
FLY is a metaphor for whatever a person is passionate about, whatever drives a person, whatever they believe they were put on earth to do. This song is meant to push them towards that place. She believes that we’re at our best when we’re sharing our talents and gifts with the world even if it’s not monetized. Purpose, passion, fulfillment only came for her when she decided to do what she loved. What she described as “pure intent” now drives her decision making. She believes if her intention is right then no matter what, it will work and the Universe will have it no other way. So If I’ve learned nothing else about Jackie DeSouza, is she’s focused, fearless, determined and she was definitely born to fly...
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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